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Wu Deting came down and touched his bearded face. On his broken sleeve, the cuffs have come off. He knew he had a long, unkempt hair behind his ears. Can you see?" He asked miserably.Of course. A college student can tell by a distance of a mile."Wood smiled. "I'm glad. Probably the rags can't hide your inner wisdom.""You are such a stupid person, how to get to this place? As long as a base here...... Like me, muscular and stupid."90's nike air max shoes Wood looked up at him. This is not like people in smart clothes, full of spirit and energy, go to the kind of occupation between the poor. Maybe he's just unemployment, perhaps he wants to find a partner. But Wood had met this first class. This kind of greedy eyes, calculating the unemployed poor.

"Listen," said Wood coldly. "Don't hit me. All I have is a triangle. I'm sorry, I have to go back to my room and steal the toothbrush and the book."Listen to this that people do not care, do not apologize for myself, but in a calm mood to say: "I also see that you are not blind, the end of hills and rivers.""What are you doing with me?" Wood said angrily, "do you want to be with a poor and dirty College student"The unwelcome friend made an angry gesture. "To the mad dog like roar? Because I didn't go to college today, missed a good job: as an assistant to a doctor, a monthly salary of seventy-five yuan, guanchiguanzhu. But they don't want me because I'm not a college graduate."90's nike air max shoes "You seem so." Wood walked away.

The man caught up with Wood. "You're a college graduate. Would you like to do the work I said just now? The first week of wages to me...... Is it possible to pay me a referral fee?""I don't know anything about medicine. I am a translation expert, the original work in a securities brokerage. Later, people have no money to do the securities business, I will lose my job. Do you have any code to decipher? That's my best job."Wood was angry, because in spite of his anguish, but followed the stranger.Do not understand medicine is not afraid. As long as you have a diploma, a little bit of physical strength, not crazy not stay, the doctor will ask you."90's nike air max shoes Wood stopped and turned around.