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This board is very surprised: "you had not told me."Then Beck's face smiled: "it's official secrets.""Ah, look at the face of god! Beck -"Beck smiled. He said: "the car to tell you, this place will leak."air max 90 nike They paid for the drinks, then climbed into the car.

"All right, all right, Dennison." Beck in the seat shifted, eyes staring at the windshield outside, "well, first, I misunderstood Hiaasen, something he didn't do it, but he did not know it was murder, Anna did not know; second, the robot also misunderstood, and the murderer fled Yao yao.""What did he do -- inject the virus?""No, not like that. The situation is clear, the injection will not do that kind of thing. As reported in the lab report, Anna was bitten by a rodent, which is the result of rabies."He appeared by his words got confused and disoriented: "that is not murder? Didn't you say it was murder?"air max 90 nike "It's murder. It's the cruelest thing I've ever seen. The only thing I care about is the problem. I'm sick of it."

"So what did he do? Is she locked up in the same house as a mouse?"Beck said, "not so cruel. That doesn't work. She died three weeks later However, a comprehensive analysis, in order to see through his tricks. But I didn't see it.""Rat? What a cruel mouse, isn't it?""I know," said Beck, "are you interested in this motive?"air max 90 nike "What motive sounds like a mystery."

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