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The survivors were deep in oxygen, and the new hope revived in their midst.Anderson tilted his head and looked at Freeman. "Freeman, how do you explain that?""I don't know, Anderson.""Well, we can breathe the air again." "It's very important," Luther said to his wife."air max nike shoes But Mihail brought them back to reality: "children, you don't have any illusions."

Luther jiongjiongweishen eyes looked at him: "Mihail, you are not also want to say a few unlucky words? Obviously, it is a strange phenomenon that causes us to breathe into the air, isn't it?""It's just a flash in the pan, Luther." He shrugs. "Baby, you have to believe me, I'm not wrong."Mikhail, "why do you have so much to grasp?"The old man pointed his finger at his chest and, with a dry smile, "Freeman, my lungs are aging, and they are able to predict the changes in the brain more quickly than your lungs. The oxygen we breathe now takes a few minutes to complete."air max nike shoes It soon became clear that what Mihail had said was not unreasonable, and that the first signs of hypoxia soon came to light.

The oxygen is rapidly disappearing.Before Luther and his wife kneel to join the ranks of death, Monica went down to the ground. The groans struggled out of her throat.Suddenly, Freeman saw Nadia sobbing, her head nestled in her father's rigid body. Her father could not see her face, only to realize Nadiji approach death. The old man's hand to his Nadiji spasm, also incapable of action.Anderson's face was covered with sweat and staggered to his knees. Freeman tried to walk towards him, but the lungs were so hard that he fell to the ground. Severe pain in the biting his chest, he could not lift the body.air max nike shoes Death's gonna fall on his head.

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