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"This is not an ordinary horse," I answered, he had decided not to list in Sochi and computer group to intercept many worms, spiders and worms "porn software, the outbreak may be an unknown experimental intelligent software. We don't know what it will be like. If it goes into the firewall, even when it affects our entire network, even the modified filter can not stop. The whole of Harbin fell from the internet."Christina lifted his head from his wrist. "Not just Harbin. Su Yigang sent me a message saying that the outbreak has spread to Beijing and Shanghai."The atmosphere in the meeting room grew tense as she spoke. My chest suddenly contracted, socci Mary and Cui seemed suddenly to their priority no longer adhere to the.Dan rose from his seat and said, "I think it's time to test the backup life support system."air max nike Cui nodded in silence, but when Dan came to the door, she said, "you have been tested...... Best to do off the ELEC verification."

Dan swallowed his mouth and said, "good."." And close the door behind him.I cleared my throat to break the uneasy silence that followed...... What is ELEC?""Look at my eyes and answer," said the moon. It can take us to earth orbit in two weeks.""If," McMahon Maacah the sentence, "we see what people there can."air max nike I went back to my office as soon as possible. In the first week of the month, I was almost used to the gravity of the moon. Network and software reported that when I'm not here and not what great event happened, but I still make software for all to connect the network check, make the network more further tighten internal inspection: isolated data sharing, prohibit network conference, in addition to the mandatory security upgrade is strictly prohibited to install any software.

These may be, I will turn their attention to the data buffer. The division is located inside and outside the firewall, where the system has access to external space.The firewall is the only one who has access to that space. I call it from the biggest monitor in front of me."I want you to look for any non significant processes in the data buffer, once found immediately." I command it. As I said, I turned the other screen to myself and gave the firewall the highest priority, "the basic function is defined as communication and data security with the earth." I thought for a moment and then continued, "in addition, the communication through the external firewall is limited to plain text information as well as security software upgrades. Intercept and destroy all other input data.""The need to override the critical scientific data channel, sir."air max nike I swallow the curse, I should remember. I thought about making a new arrangement, "revising the basic software, including the definition of critical scientific data, including the definition of communication until it is overwritten."

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