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When they came back, they informed the friends of the decision, and then there was a loud noise. They held a wedding ceremony that day.John announced that he was going to move into a house with Mina, and they had a big party. Everyone happy, happy mood.Viman happy for them. He could hide my heart chest pain. Because he can only take his friends farewell, and Leicester back to his era.They sat on the committee again, and this time it will be decided.air nike air max The president began to speak: "we agree that two of you are married to citizens of our time. This is a very fast step, and each of you is free to go back to your own time or stay with us.

In addition, I would like to explain that each member can only see a part of the key, only the consensus of this time to take off the spacecraft. The decision was made according to some of the accidents of the times. Once our scientific achievements fall into the wrong hands, it will be disastrous"Review the past, look to the future. Everyone nodded."If you think you're better in our times, you can stay." The chairman exchanged views with Leicester."Of course I'd like to stay, but I'd like to talk about the future of the people of twentieth Century, and I want to point out to them that it's despicable to just make money, attack and fight. I think my report will shake my hometown."air nike air max "Well, we wish you to work smoothly, fruitful, viman, do you?"

"I'm going back to my hometown, and I'm going to report there. I believe I will get more support in his hometown of Bilaisite in australia.""I wish you success, but there is one thing I have to remind you of! You can't take design information. It is not a matter of doubt to you, but a security measure to be taken. Please think about it!""I have one more question." Leicester said."Please say it!"air nike air max "I have made a lot of records about this wonderful world. Not for other purposes, mainly because we can't remember so many things at the moment. Would you allow me to take these records before I leave?"

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