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Is the game house still there?" Martin asked."I don't know," the story confessed."Well," said Martin, "we came to the Tottenham Court Road, to the night bus station," as far as I am concerned, I don't believe any word of the story."We have more than three, a total of four people, after a long time to go on the street after closing time. I should have mentioned that before, and one of us had not spoken, the old man with a leather patch on his elbow, and he was gone when the three of us left the club. This is the first time he has spoken.air nike max "I believe," he said, in a soft voice that seemed to be pale,

"I don't know, but I believe. Benjamin is dead, you know, the father died shortly after. Douglas never went there again, but he sold the old house. He wanted to let them take the place completely flat, but they did not do so, they still keep swansoft floor, never down. I think, in addition to this, everything else should have passed."It was a cold night, and the rain was still drifting down the line. I shiver, but only because of the cold."You mentioned the cage," he said, "the main road next to the cage, I hadn't thought about it for fifty years. He locked us up when we were doing something bad. We must have been pretty bad, right? Super naughty boy."He scanned the Court Road in Tottenham as if he were looking for something. Then he said, "Douglas committed suicide, of course. Ten years ago. At that time I was in the closet. So I can't remember a lot of things. At least the memory is not as good as before. But it was Benjamin, as sure as a gun. He'll never let us forget that he's the boss. As you know, we were never allowed to enter the game room. Father didn't build the house for us." His voice began to tremble, and for a moment I could imagine the pale old man thinking of his childhood. "My father had his own game."air nike max Then he waved his hand and said, "taxi!" So a taxi stopped to the side of the road.

"Hotel Brown," said the old man, and then got on the bus. He is not on any one of us said good night, slammed the door of the taxi.In the taxi door, I heard a variety of door slam. The door of the past is gone, it can never be opened again.Ricci is about thirty-five years old, tall, with thick black hair.The guest is younger than him, although also has a thick black hair, but the body is very thin.air nike max Ricci pointed to the computer and said, "this is the machine. It will help us a lot. We call it doom observation."

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