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People miss the beautiful cherry orchard, around the farmhouse of poplar and long in the cold clear river on both sides of Liu Cong mao.The old man planted the seedlings of cherry trees, in order to get the saplings, to run far away in the woods. They watered the young trees, shook their heads, and sighed deeply, "we can't wait for them to grow up! Yeah, I can't wait."The "old Linden" village, the path is steep, road dust floating above the river seems to cover in the morning. I climbed up the hill.In the eyes of the stump and brick land, burned black tile chaos......all black nike blazers high Next to the dry creek, four new houses stood out conspicuously. From there, walk up to me a woman.

"Excuse me, Clark village where ah?" I asked."In the past, and now rebuild it in there, in the small hill behind here, but also the construction of a new village. Has built four houses, do you want to go to the village of Clark?"If so, you can have a rest here, go there tomorrow morning."It's the same for me.all black nike blazers high As we all know, as we grow older, some things do not make us feel strange. It is unpleasant, I often regret that I know more about it, the fault lies in my career as a journalist.

But today, as I did in my youth, I used my open eyes to see what was going on around the world.In the morning, I went to the window, surprised to see the wooden walls taller in the night time. Yes, yes, really long, like a tree as long as the high, and there are branches!I can't believe my eyes. It is yesterday standing ordinary wall, but now has become half wall, half of the mall. It's up to the top of every hue with oak branches; branches stout wooden, birch fine wood on the birth mix, delicate leaves; Maple branches out of mottled leaves; pine board have sharp needles; spruce stretched its green. It seems to be a lack of material, so the wall was made up of various plates.I remember when I was working on a fence, I put the willow branches into the ground, and the willow twigs soon gave birth to roots, and in the second year I drew new branches.all black nike blazers high But this kind of wicker must be fresh, just from the last time the living branches can take root. Now that fence overnight from branches, flourish, grow on the gate of pine the doorway dressed like Christmas beautiful.

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