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Don't go to the camp after dark, cannot but unless. But that's not to say that no one really goes to camp after dark. Pure luck, Ji'an has reached a Gai Wo that area, there are outsiders in other places can not find anything that is in the red light district camp.Not what strange to refugees. I ran across the lawn, covered with a cage, like a pile of dog. Each cage was decorated with ribbons and neon lights, with a naked boy crouched inside. There's a good model and some people who are a little bit more attractive. The soldiers on duty were loitering around the cage, considering various possibilities. I recognized one of them."Pahake sergeant!" I cried. He raised his head, a look of shock and shame. "Save me! Kill her! Please锛?Kill her!"The sergeant looks like a brave lad. I can only count on him. In his eyes I don't know what the two, an old woman in an emaciated, dried-up appearance in the Red Light District streets chasing another. But he took one look and pulled out his pistol. "Ladies, stay where you are, and raise your hand"all black nike blazers Gai Wo that Ji'an played a snap, Pahake First Sergeant screamed, his shoulder was broken. Ji'an contemptuously Gai Wo that turned around, the other soldiers rushed to run. She turned to me, and I was terrified, gasping for breath. "Lovely little victim." She said, "don't play our part for you, only a dead end."

"No." I don't even have the strength to speak.She held my wrist, I couldn't resist. "You and I go back to the office right now.""Let her go."Shriver suddenly out of the darkness, looked thin and harsh.all black nike blazers Ji'an laughing Gai Wo that a snap.

But Shcarver interrupted her, and a blue arc flashed between them. Gai Wo that Ji'an surprised looking down at her hands, her hand was missing a piece, exposing the inside of the metal. She looked up at Shcarver.Ji'an Gai Wo that was overthrown.She let out a scream of seagulls and fell to the ground. Shriver gave her stomach and head kicks. She just stood up and cried, "look shriver! One of them is here! She's a spy for the lords! She is the future machine! Quick look!"The refugees came out of the tent and climbed out of the cage. They never looked so alive. They screamed with rage, and their eyes were hysterical. For the first time in my life, I was afraid of these refugees. They gathered like a swarm of insects.all black nike blazers They seize Ji'an Gai Wo that I saw her in the struggle, a little break out; I saw her hand stretched out from the hands of the ocean, waving in the air, like a drowning woman. They tore her to pieces.

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