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That's not what I mean......"Cui Rui shook his head, do not accept his apology, "Leonard told I agreed."She turned to the window and leaned her head against the glass.Cui Rui." He stopped. He doesn't know what to say to make her feel better and get what he wants. He needs this. He pulled the bandage on the limb. If he can play again...... "You know what this means to me."all nike air max shoes "I know I'm not the first in your mind. I said I agree, I can't give you any more."

She stared at her back, "thank you."."He left the room to call Lee, and the hand that held the microphone trembled. The downstairs hallway to the bathroom door, Cui Rui coughing and retching. Julius pressed the microphone tightly to his ear and began to play Wilde's Requiem in his head.He focused his attention on his fingers.Finally, a trill works of Wilde No. twelfth from Jules two straight into his chest. He let go of the neck, stretching the fingers of the left hand.all nike air max shoes Lee sat across the room, his head down, his chin in his neck. Julius swallowed, and the sound of swallowing was as loud as his first interview with Li Ouna.

Lee looked up. "What's that?"""Cello solo, Requiem for Rondo, Op. twelfth." Julius stroked wood cello silky, palm sweat left a thin film on the surface of the instrument.Murmured Lee, stretching his tongue and smoothing his lips.""Okay?" God, this man is asking for his life. Jules bowed his head, unbuttoned bow while waiting for the verdict.all nike air max shoes "Is there any news about Tracy?"

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