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He's got a TV phone in his hand. This is the signal to the channel, there are only two people in the world can use this channel to call him. However, on the screen is a stranger. Not only strange, but also ferocious appearance."We're the police. Rex Moran, you were arrested for trying to break the general credit card rules! You must immediately go to the nearest police station to surrender, otherwise it will increase the punishment.""Fuck you."!" Rex Moran said.He cut off the phone, panic looked out the screen light. People are searching for him. Hell! He can't even go back to his tiny house. He had to run away and and white nike air max For the tiny $three hundred! The $three hundred is not available, because any computer can detect him. They could also detect the direction of the television set on his hand. So he tried to take off the TV set from his wrist. Just then, the screen is on again:

"All citizens please note! Now, the city in search of the criminal rieks moran! The man robbed the gun, selling stolen goods. We appeal to the general public to assist us in arresting the criminal. Now the face of the crime."Moran see the screen shown on his picture, just legs are weak. Fortunately, this is an old photo.He put the TV off the wrist, throw in a corner, satuijiupao. He ran down the street, hearing a loud siren from the distance. Must have been chasing him.Mo Lanliang a pistol, stopped a and white nike air max The man looked at Moran's costume, and looked at the pistol, then looked at Moran's face, suddenly said: "Oh, Dawu was the culprit is just on TV show you!"

"Exactly. Friend, please call a taxi!"The man was forced to do so. He dialed the telephone number, and after a while, an air - cushioned taxi came up from the corner. Automatic door opening."Put your credit card in there!"When the man put a credit card in the slot, Moran had already sat in the back seat of the and white nike air max "Put your thumb on the screen!" Moran's command.

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