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People pick up a marble board and put it on the floor. The engineer took a few pieces of plastic and threw it on the marble. Each of them sprang up in almost every way. From the height of missile depends only on the falling edges is a piece of plastic or the plane touched Dali stone."You see," said the Engineer proudly. "We are strictly in accordance with the standard production."The chief engineer Proto Rienk left the factory to the street and sat down in the park bench, to think about how to do.Sitting next to the two boys, they were talking about what happened at the football and white nike blazers "You know, that guy flew up and hit him! I thought it was going to crash." The thin face, white boy said. It is obvious that things are exaggerated. "I saw it with my own eyes! The sound was so loud that I almost did not hear my ear."

"This is probably the meteorite that fell on the square." The other said, "but where did it come from?""There is also the possibility that what the kids in the Munuogeboliyecun see. There, a stone flew through the sky. The children talked about it when they came to us. It's a bouncing rock.Yes." The captain replied make depressed, "like a return to training school to do those tedious things."Portman said solemnly: "Captain, now you have only 799 sets of life tools. The original allocation to you is 800 sets. Your log can't explain why. Where is the other one? What happened, why would a pair of braces be lost in the lifeboat? Why didn't you report it?"black and white nike blazers Why did he choose us?" Portman asked in surprise. "He never looked for us!"

"That's why." Make the captain staring at the wall, said angrily, "it's our turn to action." He looked at the calendar and said, "there are three days left. We need to get the goods. Call two pike to come here right now."After a while, Parker came in. The expression on his face came up with an old saying: bad news travels fast.Make an order." Mcno ordered, "we need to order 100 gallons of plastic paint, gray, quality assurance. Make another order for 30 gallons of white paint. Send these two orders to the warehouse at once. Tell them at night 6:00 delivery, including our order of brushes and sprayers. By the way send some free cleaning agent.""The crew didn't like it." Parker and white nike blazers "They'll love it." McNaught asserts, "the boat becomes new, bright, and very clean, to help grow morale. That's what the book says. Go ahead and get the goods we ordered. When you get back, you'll find the storage order and the equipment list. Before Cassidy comes, we have to check one by one. If he comes, we will not have the opportunity to fill the shortage of our goods, or secretly shipped other goods in our hands."

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