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She has a unique ability to get out of the life of her life and death - when it comes to machine control, she sounds as if she's not one of them. I wish I could do that."I'm not sure I can protect you." After a long time I said, but I immediately regret it, I should not add their own fear on her. We've come this far, there's no way out, maybe she's asleep."Oh......" She murmured, "you'll be fine......"A live seminar is the biggest nightmare you can imagine security work. "I read your book on the Internet," he said. "I saw you at last year's annual meeting". The crowds of people, holding the glass or ghost know what, everybody has a stomach and a long and boring story to tell. There are too many chances of assassination. Anyone can be a member of a cold blooded organization. Sarah and I know some of them. As the saying goes: the blood before, you don't know who is a cold-blooded member. All I can rely on is my instinct and nike blazers high Two days went by and nothing happened. The most thrilling scene is a professor from Kansas drank too much, entangled with Sarah. She handled it very well, and my hand was on the weapon.

Shall we go for a walk on the beach?" At the end of the second day, Sarah said to me, "they say the sunset over the bay is beautiful, and there are few places on the east coast to see the sun fall on the water."It's a wonderful place to kill, I think. "We're not out of the woods yet," I said."Her face sank, "so to say that in my life even to see the Cape Cod sunset afterglow of such a simple pleasure has been deprived of? I bet you've seen it many times.""I didn't." I looked at her deep brown eyes. My God, if there is no such thing as the true soul of me, how can I have such a desire for life, for life, for the beauty of the sunset? Will there be anything more real in this world? "All right," I said, "but we'll have to wait for a while. I don't want you to stay there after dark - using infrared, my eyesight is only 90% of the day, I want to make sure that everything is up to one hundred percent."blue nike blazers high She took me by the arm."

The bay is a beautiful beach under the boardwalk.The seagulls fly in the water, and the sandpiper Plover gliding dance in the sand, the ups and downs of ships with almost white spray. The sun is a deep red nondescript, old clock clockwise at five or six in the direction of positive indicator falls.No one's following us, I'm sure of it. There's no one near us. I took a deep breath to see if there was any danger.We narrowed our eyes and looked at the setting sun, "those ships are a wonderful ornament." Sarah nike blazers high Yeah!" I buried my nose in her hair, her lips touched her neck, and the beach and the water with only one eye......

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