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"New Yorkers, right?" Asked Beck, looking around, looking for a comfortable chair, but no hope. At last he sat down on a tubular antique."The people of boston." Aidelin said, "a bit like?""Not very like." Beck seems to admit. He looked at him up and down, out of habit, without any other purpose."I used to think I was english." In the best of spirits Aidelin said, "I have been here for six years, fifteen." He went back to his comfortable chair and sat down. "But I don't think you came here to learn about my life"denim nike blazers "Yes, sir, it is not for this purpose." There was no expression on Beck's face.

"Oh, I see. It's about poor Anna Hiaasen, right?""Yes," said Beck, "Mrs. Hiaasen, that's her."Aidelin concerns looked at Beck: "you put her death as a murder, is it true?""Bad things in the night million." Beck sighed. "I think it's true. However, in addition to the fact that we have to inquire, we will not treat it as any other case. Because of the outbreak of rabies in Whitehall still believe that can be controlled."denim nike blazers Aidelin apparently from his words that he "don't you think so?"

Beck smiled at him and said, "I'm a poor policeman. I'm just trying to do my own work, doctor. They said that if we can suppress the mold, we can focus on the vaccine around the closure. What do you say?""But the fact is that Mrs. Hiaasen's lesion is not a common infection, is it?"Visit is coming to an end. Beck said: "we want to find out what Dr. Hiaasen is doing here. What do you think?"Aidelin nodded and said: "it should be."denim nike blazers "What does he do?"

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