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"I said to him, 'is there something wrong with this door?' So I jumped out of the door, to prove that the door is no problem. But that's not the time to grind the skin. There's a bearded bull in London over here, and here's the mob. Ruined my good film. You always seem to be with a bunch of freaks, Ted Malone.""Roy, I can't help you, really can't help. People say you've never been defeated in Fleet Street, and this time you hit the wall. Go back to your office. Wait a few days, I'll tell you the news as soon as the old man is allowed.""No chance to come in?""Absolutely no!"grey suede nike blazers "Can I pay for it?"

"What are you talking about?!""People tell me that this is a shortcut to new zealand.""If you're going to get in here, it could be a shortcut to the hospital. Roy, now, we have a job to do.""His name is Roy Perkins, war correspondent." Malone told me as we walked through the compound. "We have broken his unbeaten record. It is said that he is the ever-victorious. His chubby innocent little face makes him unimpeded. I worked with him in the past. Now, "he pointed to a cluster of pleasing colour red roofed bungalows buildings. "This is the workers' dormitory. They are a select number of outstanding workers, wages are much higher than the average. They have to be single, quit drinking and swear. I don't think anyone has found out by the end. That field is their football field. The independent house is their library and recreation room. I can assure you that the old man is a bit of an organization. This is Mr. Baforth, chief engineer."grey suede nike blazers A tall and thin man appeared in front of me, his wrinkled, gloomy face.

"I think you're the drilling engineer," he said in a mournful voice. "I was waiting for you. I'm glad you're here. To be frank, the responsibility of the project has been upsetting me. We can't stop doing it, but I never doubt will encounter a lime water, or a seam, or a puff of oil, or perhaps a hell fire. So far we have had the privilege of not meeting the last. But you may meet, who knows?!""Is it hot there?""Oh, it's very hot. Without doubt. The atmosphere is low, the place is narrow, and the heat is inevitable. Of course, the ventilation is poor. We beat the air down, but a man can do only two hours at a time - they are all hard working guys. Yesterday Professor below, all are satisfied. You'd better have lunch with us."Have a quick lunch. The chief engineer is very attentive, he took us to visit the room covered with grass and a pile of discarded things the mixed pile of tools. In a station has been dismantled the huge aro hydraulic excavator side, was the first round for digging well. Next to the other is a huge engine, driven by a cycle back and forth of the cable, the cable is equipped with mud bucket, the gravel from the bottom of the rock bottom to the ground level. In the power plant, there are several Eshel Weiss turbine generators with a speed of one hundred and forty revolutions per minute, the power is very large, the control of a pressure can be generated per square inch of one thousand and four hundred pounds of pressure accumulator. High pressure air from the three inch thick pipe along the shaft and, starting four Brandt card frame is provided with a hollow drill rock drill. Close to the engine room is a power station for the supply of large lighting equipment. Next to it is a two hundred horsepower steam turbine that drives an electric fan of ten feet to the air to the bottom of the well from a pipe of about twelve inches thick.grey suede nike blazers When we visit these works wonders, the proud Pakistan aberforth do not stop many technical explanation, it is boring, it is as if I offend my readers tired now.

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