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Local call me, the first flight to Moscow aircraft take off at five tomorrow morning plasma.I climbed up the ladder with the plasma - powered plane, and, without any attention, a passenger in front of the play, with his elbow on his back, he turned round, and I came from Winks Felitov."Decided to leave the South?" I asked casually."What's the matter?." The old man complained, "I got a fax to get back to the committee."max air nike shoes "There must be an emergency or who is going to be denounced?" I asked sarcastically. My mind is in a mess.

"Of course, there is an important Li, you know, in the holidays will not be recalled because of small things."As we sat down side by side"I seem to have guessed it."The billions of years that have not changed seem to be stretched out in front of him and behind him. Not only is the individual, all life is a small point, just a short moment, for the universe, what is not important. It is just a piece of strange tiny chips, in the eternal sun emitted in the light, in the accidental moment, beating a little. The real reality is a mass of fireballs and huge stones that never stop rolling, rolling in emptiness, rolling in the immeasurable, forever, forever, forever......max air nike shoes Duncan had a chill in his thermal suit. He has never been so lonely, never realized, this vast space of indifference, make people lonely All thoughts are blasted. He looked up at the dark dome, and a glimmer of light that had left a planet 1 million years ago into his eyes, he could not help but raise a question.

"Why?" He asked himself, "what is this all about?"He raised the question that could not be answered, and his voice woke him up from his mind. He shook his head, don't let oneself again these meaningless words. He turned his back to the outer space and restored the universe to its original position, which, in a broad sense, is the stage of all life. Duncan walks into the sealed room.As Duncan's predecessor told him, work is easy. The appointment time, Duncan went through radio contact with caristo star. It's usually just a matter of checking whether the other person is safe or not, and sometimes exchanging views on the news from the radio. Accidental caristo star will notice he has issued a number of goods, let him open the beacon at what time. In this case, in a certain period of time, in the air cargo box cylindrical, slowly falling down. It is a very simple thing to connect a cargo box with a storage box and unload it.The satellite day is very short, make people feel very convenient; and the night star caristo due to irradiation, the same day also not much difference in brightness. So they don't care about the day and night, simply by the time of the earth. For the first time, most of the time was spent on the bulk of the ship's cargo. Part of it is housed in the main rooms of the hemispheres, which are their own necessities and other items that need to be stored in a warm, airy place. The other part is placed in a small ball without air and heating facilities. But most materials need to be carefully wrapped, mounted on a cylindrical cargo box, sent to caristo star base. But when the job comes to an end, the work here is really, very relaxing......max air nike shoes Duncan worked out a schedule for himself. He has to check this, check that, and float to the top of the cliff to check the generator, and so on. But all this work, in fact, can be done, so it is necessary to follow this procedure. Take the solar generator to say that the design has the characteristics of long run and no maintenance. If the operation failure, only the measures taken by the notification is sent to the traffic caristo star rocket, to take him out, waiting for the next spacecraft to repair. To say this thing is very clear, transfer station management personnel must not be absent from duty, put a lot of valuable ore left no matter, but if there is something wrong with the solar generator, such as the administrator have the right (but the company also pointed out that in order to change the environment so that the serious consequences of deliberately stop operation of the generator). In any case, Duncan did not work out the schedule.

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