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The voice continued to recall, "there are more words and sentences that are pronounced by me in the high-end version, but in the basic version of the smart house, who knows how much I can do? I would like to buy the House version of the people, I do not have much impression on the existence of the sound." With his fingers pressed according to his temples."I assure you that your voice is the best." Junior said."Thank you," the voice said, "gradually, when the advent of building more advanced systems, the company hired a new voice talent, I have already forgotten, but I was still proud of my past, after all, I was the first one."Junior invited the sound back to the table, where his mother and father had been waiting for Junior and his former girlfriend's wife.mens black nike blazers Junior had a long talk with her after the old house was lost, and for a moment she understood what Junior had said to her, but she loved him, and she believed the stories he told. Besides, it's just a little weird episode that doesn't stop them from living together.

The voice had sat down with a sigh, everyone here to eat."I thank you for inviting me to join your family party," said the voice, "I originally wanted out of the house, did not expect on this ship will have the honour to you one family friend.""It's our pleasure, too," said the mother. "When you ask someone to carry your luggage, you will know that you are a good person.""Thank you," said the voice, "it's a pleasure to be with you."mens black nike blazers After the ship began gathering, warm applause, a fat comedian on stage, he introduced himself and began performing comedy, his performance is mostly in the joke about his own stature and weight.

The owner of the voice listened, smiled shoulders and chest kept down, private snickering soon turned to laughter, excitement and a slight red face, like a drunk."Look at him."." The father said, holding her mother's hand in her hand."Fly" the will of the author: [Su] Austria - KalabielinikefuHan Danxing translationmens black nike blazers Almost all of the head pain occurs between ten and twelve in the night. The hum of the mind is like the roar of a plane, coming from the depths. It comes so slowly that it can't get out of the head. He had buried her face in the pillow, teeth on edge, endure pain. All the drugs already of no avail to stop pain is really extremely difficult. Nicola was no longer in revolt against the unbearable pain, and he endured all of it. The first pain was about a year ago. Early pain was mild and not frequent enough to be effective with painkillers, so Nicola didn't take it too seriously, but it was just a matter of fatigue, insomnia and other general causes.

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