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A crowd of people came out to the new guests."Welcome you. My name is Van Tone, head of the science committee." He turned to. "Mina has told me that you don't understand what we are saying, so we need to communicate with each other using an automatic translator."This is Mina's translation. Then through the two men. They all got their names. They were Tolk and Perk.Tolk turned to Mina, "where's Radul? We miss him very much."mens nike free 3.0 "He was killed." M threw his head sadly.

"What the hell is going on? How to die?" Tolk asked in amazement."Mina will report to the scientific committee. The Scientific Committee will consider how to deal with the matter." Van Tone said to the wee man and his friends: "please take you to the hotel first Arum, let you adapt to the environment." He waved to a man.He came to them and accompanied them. We follow the crowd Arum always on tenterhooks to go.Several guests finally got into a car. This is not a car, but a flying object.mens nike free 3.0 "It's like a time ship." Leicester said in surprise.

"It must have the same power. It reminds me that our transportation seems to be too far behind." John said with emotion.They float above the tall houses. The car landed on a roof. When we got off, we took off.Leicester has a look of surprise. Arum waved to them, and everyone followed him to the center of the roof, where there was a square hole, and without hesitation, Arum entered, and he was about to fall into the abyss. The visitors stood at the edge of the hole with great misgivings. Once again. Viman started to step forward toward Arum went, standing next to him. Though they could not see the ground, they stepped on the ground."You can rest assured," said viman. "It must have something to do with gravity. It is wonderful!"mens nike free 3.0 We finally came to the arum around. When they sink, we all have a very tight grip on each other.

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