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Elmo explained: "yes, dear, you and me and all living things in the universe are the result of a series of chemical reactions, the universe is a huge chemical reaction field. I wonder if there is a star, and the size of our sun, and a planet with its distance equal to the distance from sun to earth, so that planet is very likely there is life. Now astronomers have discovered planets orbiting stars. I have been waiting for the opportunity, until they find a suitable planet, will be my space machine to the planet, it came to my basement. Did you notice that it's a bit difficult for our alien friends to move up and down, and the gravity on the planet is much smaller than the earth. I'm going to go back with it."Mildred shook her head, but she knew it was no use arguing with Elmo."Let me show you how to operate the machine."." Elmo said.When Mildred got the camera back to the basement, Elmo had entered the chamber, with his arm around the alien. They took a photo of Mildred, for insurance purposes, and took a photo. Then Elmo walked out of the room and showed his wife the use of the machine.neon nike air max "OK, dear, turn the switch first, then turn on the resistor that regulates the current, put the resistor in the middle, and it's here, go to the maximum, and it's back. I'll be back in about ten minutes."

"I can't believe it." Mildred muttered."Don't worry, Mierdeli. I'll be back for dinner."Elmo entered the room, Mierdeli according to his instructions. When a variable resistor for adjusting current to achieve the most high, a bright light flashes, the chamber was filled with white mist, Elmo and the alien had disappeared, then, in the basement of the lamp.Mildredbchi Doug, the town where she lives, in most parts of New York, in the Midwest, and in most parts of Canada, suddenly lost power, and 50 million people were plunged into darkness. Elmo's experiment caused the biggest blackout in history, and he might be late for dinner.neon nike air max Two, Elmo arrived at the planet Roth

Elmo woke up, but I do not know where you are, there is a strange and beautiful scenery, the vast expanse of the countryside, and the nearby farmhouse farmhouse, but unlike any place before, then he will think of his new friends and enter a time machine. He put his finger on his thick black hair and felt his body suddenly become younger, at least 40 years younger. He across time and space, youth regained youth!He began to observe the surrounding environment, while the heart is more and more fear, do not know whether it was an alien trip is a good idea, if he can't see how to do Mierdeli.Standing on the edge of the travel partner funnel mouth like a smile, yes, it feels good to go home. The color of the land here is the same as that of the home, but the green plants on it are quite different from the earth. The distant trees touch the sky, remember during the tourist resort seen Sequoia, only these 1/3 huge monster high.He was standing in a clearing, and he stepped on the green fields, and heard a faint scream, a step backward. The evolution of the plants on this planet is obviously much higher than that of the planet, they have pain, and they make a groan of pain. The field trails criss cross paths in all directions, can avoid the stampede to the plant, but on this planet even walk to be careful!neon nike air max His eye off the ground scenery, gazed up at the shining light purple sky, although at the moment not to dusk, but the air floating bright Hongxia, perhaps on the planet, the clouds are so bright. Elmo also found that gently lift the leg can run far away, while his companion in the 1/4 place only the earth gravity also appears more lively.

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