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Lalsingh looked at this volume to admire the thick book, his eyes a curious expression."My insight is not to confuse me." As he turned the pages of the book, he hummed the words from his nose. In silence, only to hear the rustle of the pages, about five minutes later, he suddenly stopped."Don't deceive you to say," the thoughtful to say, "I know Sanskrit!"Then, lalsingh again turned the pages. When he saw the death of the two big eye-catching characters, suddenly shocked. The unconscious pool will book a tramp, couldn't help shouting: "well, I want to go to the professor!"nike air max 1 90 In the mountains, the night is always very early. The evening prayer ended in less than half an hour, a temple is immersed in the night, only the top of the mountain also flashed the sunset. At the bottom end of the canyon, standing South Dayan professor. The dusk of the evening, surrounding the canyon. Now, one bedroom alone. He lived in a small room, every day a day of leisure. He is enjoying music, get rid of the noisy far below the noisy world, meditation Qing Zhi, self-cultivation. In the heat of the bustling city of Mumbai, a professor in Dayan South University taught history, was the daily chores upsets me, only in this mountain temple, he really found yoga is called 'detached position according to the silence ". But he's not a yoga. Because of his life according to Buddhist teachings painstaking cultivation, desires and little, only for one purpose - the absolute truth, to abandon all sorts of Sunian, this he himself thought impossible.

Professor of pure Europeanized mind, accustomed to the analysis of what he felt. At the moment, he was thinking consciously recall and understanding what he experienced things, however, was not possible, only to remember some shadowy fragments. But now there seems to be a kind of indescribable thing upset him, he seemed to have high power generator shock, shaking. At the same time, he felt that something was going to happen......In the twenty thousand meters above sea level in India, a passenger plane sailing smoothly. There are only two passengers in the cabin. The quiet fell asleep.Richard Sher in meditation. It's only half an hour since I landed in Mumbai. At this moment of the mission, called the total scheduling a little embarrassed. Dayan South professor in a college of the United States said, he is a true skill and genuine knowledge of people. They are for South to daian.At noon the sun shone strongly, to glance at Mumbai, feel air max 1 90 "To catch the devil, to foresee." When he woke up, he looked at his sunglasses. Then he narrowed his eyes and smiled at the sun.

"It's good here, the ancient garden scenery. Take me to India, it's great!" Schell says.The face of that kind of silly vanished, eyes shone with excitement light. He fixed his eyes on the stop building on the airport.At the entrance to the trot like a head wrapped in white cloth napkins, bearded old man to walk, who knows the right man. Then he turned to the distance, and as he began to walk, he looked back and forth."Professor!" He happily shouted, turned to Cher says "you see, the South Dayan professor was already waiting for us."nike air max 1 90 After listening to the professor, not satisfied with a few eyebrows frowned.

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