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"Don't be afraid," said the general, "there will be no danger. Go boldly."I will do, is purely in disorderly fashion. I got on the driver's seat and climbed into the seat. It was so narrow! There is a variety of funny, I have never seen. I sat on them for fear of reverent and respectful, -- God knows what will make trouble.After a long period of time, I just spent my time staring at these weird things. I tried to guess what they were doing, but it didn't work.Finally, I put it all to see a hundred times as much, but also racke. But there's really nothing to do, it's so boring, so I figured out how much money I'd be sitting on and how much money I'd have to drink. It's worth it to sit in any air max 1 white The skunk didn't care about anything, it is to find a place lying on my knees and fell asleep -- at least I think so, it did not let myself be troubled, but sometimes it opened one eye or ear I dally, That's all.

At first I didn't think about anything, but after sitting for an hour or so, I suddenly thought: why do they want to put me and the skunk into the plane? Maybe they thought that if the skunk was in the plane, he would have pity on the plane and did the same trick as Bates did. If they think so, it must be silly and stupid. To know that the skunk didn't do anything, just to get into a group.We sat there for hours and then told us to go down.This is what they call the "skunk". They call it the whole thing. I can't believe how the air force can come up with such a name!This lasted for several days. The skunk and I got up in the morning and sat in the plane for hours. After lunch, and then come back for a few hours. The skunk didn't complain about it, but it was all the same, except that it was huddled on my knees and five minutes air max 1 white According to my judgment things should be no progress, but in general, Colonel and experts are more and more excited, but their patient, what also didn't say to me.

The job does not end in my left and the skunk, hangar every night brilliantly illuminated, experts to continue his work around the guards, too many to count.On a fine sunny day, the plane we had taken was pushed out of the hangar and replaced by another plane.It all came back to me again, and I sat down with the skunk, still nothing, but the atmosphere in the hangar was nervous.This really makes me wonder, I do not know what the gourd is selling air max 1 white This tension gradually spread to the base, more and more make me feel incredible.

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