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Cunning micceri should please Yuegang, because he was afraid of his influence.To Jianei installed power ventilators, on the bed and the desk as long as the order, began to turn.In the evening, everything is ready.Jianei appreciate automatically open the door, that he forgot the broom that unpleasant air max 90 black and purple "You will get used to your machine servant." Michele said goodbye. "And when you get used to them, I believe they will be essential to you. You will wonder how you came to live without them. I'll see you again in a few days......" He had come to the door, and again he reminded him to drive the dog out of the house. Only in this way can I guarantee that there is nothing wrong with the machines."

Superiority for the new machine to braid the servant, dispel the prejudice Jianei to new things. When Michele and workers go after Jianei began testing.Sweep the floor!" He commanded the broom. So the broom finished the task beyond reproach."Ventilation!" He said to the little propeller on the bed. Then, the ventilator switch on the current, humming slightly, began the work of clean air.The door especially let love Jianei. In the evening, he walked back and forth from one room to another, and stopped at the closed door!"nike air max 90 black and purple A few doors heard his voice and opened it quietly. And then slowly shut.

"This is like a fairytale!" Jianei praise to say, "Michele did not deceive us. Yuegang, what do you think?""Yes, it's really good, mr!" The old Yuegang said in a matter of conscience. His "invasion" of machine servants has been silently accepted. The machine servant relieved his work but did not threaten him. End coffee, wear sleeves, the robot can not do anyway!" Yuegang happy is a robot cannot completely replace the living. But he does not know that the test is not over......Jianei night, lying in bed, turn on the ventilator, the room air is fresh and comfortable, while asleep:"At least the spider can't threaten me now......"nike air max 90 black and purple Four, machine servant

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