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In this way, I can't figure it out.I don't have time for careful observation and examination. There was a man, who was dressed like us, rose from his chair. I recognize it. This is Casella, Hart.He came up to us with a smile, and suddenly, he slowed down and pulled up his nose. He hurried and we shook hands, then a chair outside the back ten feet beside the poker-faced sat down.His action was rude! However, he is far away from us, which makes me happy. Because in the hands of a short moment, I smell a faint smell of nausea. This is a man with air max 90 black and yellow I've got a shiver. People don't have become a dressy or foppish dandy? Casella Hart made a gesture, please sit down. I did it. His reception is really weird!

He spoke these words:"I have to remind you that your friend is schizophrenic. Our psychiatrist can only treat him now. It takes a long time to heal, and you need full cooperation. You must be willing to agree with the treatment of mr.. If his condition has become dangerous, it should be regarded as a different matter."Casella Hart smiled at us. Press down:"Allow me to welcome you on behalf of the four planets in the constellation of centaurus. This moment is a great moment for me. Since childhood, people have trained me, the only purpose of which is to be your advisor and guide in the future. I used to study the customs, habits and language of the transitional period. Now, the time has come to take the fruits of this research. I was ecstatic."nike air max 90 black and yellow But it seemed as if Casella and Hart were not as intoxicated. He remained in the ridiculous nose - that I have already noticed. His whole expression was an expression of displeasure. But what he said made me wonder.

I asked him, "what do you mean by studying the language of the United States? Don't people talk about this common language?"He smiled and said, "of course. But it has changed. It has developed to such an extent that I can honestly say that it is the simplest statement, such as' yes', that you cannot understand."Everyone was silent for a minute, by gnawed her lip. Finally, he asked a question: "can you tell us more about the Centaur? You told me when I was on the phone with you. Residential center has been changed to such a structure of urban agglomerations.""I am so glad to have you visit all the big cities you want to visit, you are our guests, and each of you will be able to spend millions of dollars. You can use the."nike air max 90 black and yellow By blowing a whistle of surprise.

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