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He passed a solitary thing, after a while, and then flew to the outside sphere, the installation of the screen. Both of them know that they can't take the risk of their own race. The two sides will communicate through this small, round machine. They screen their systems so that they can exchange their courage to give each other information, at the same time, they can argue for the most practical method, to ensure that any party to the other party for the first time contact without endangering their civilized society. The real way to do this is to launch a fast, deadly attack, defend itself, and destroy the ship.Lanwabang spacecraft has two different tasks at the same time. It comes from the earth to the nebula and makes a close observation of the smaller star in its center. The nebula itself is the product of the most powerful explosion known to man. In about two thousand nine hundred and forty-six BC, even in people remember that already the destruction of ilium seven city first before the explosion occurred. The light of the explosion spread to earth in 54 a.d.. The Christian Church, and the Chinese court astronomers have made a timely record, but the latter is more reliable. The explosion was bright enough to be seen during the day and lasted for twenty-three days. Its light, which is four thousand light-years away, is brighter than the light of venus.Nine hundred years later, astronomers can calculate the magnitude of the explosion in light of these conditions. Blow out from the center of the explosion of the material at a speed of two million and three hundred thousand miles per hour, or more than 380 thousand miles per minute or six hundred and thirty-eight miles per second more speed to external diffusion. When the telescope in twentieth Century aimed at the location of the violent explosion, only a single star and nebula. What is unique is that the brightest star in the binary star has a very high surface temperature, but there is no spectral line at all, but there is a continuous spectrum. The absolute temperature of the sun's surface is seven thousand degrees, and the surface temperature of the hot star is up to five hundred thousand degrees. It has almost the mass of the sun, but only 1/5 of its diameter. It is sixteen times the density of water, aluminum, the earth's most important material known as the radium of the times of eight times more than one hundred and seventy-three times. But even such a density is less than the companion of Sirius (a white dwarf) density. The nebula of the white star is not completely a dwarf, it is still in the collapse. It is worthwhile to look at it, including the investigation of the light column for four thousand years. Lanwabang, here is to carry out the observation and research. However, it found that the spacecraft had the same mission. This casts a shadow over the original purpose of the investigation.A tiny, bulbous, mechanical device floating in a thin cloud of gas. Lanwabang spacecraft carrying the day-to-day operation of the crew highly vigilant in their own positions, very nervous. The observer is divided into two parts. A part of the observation in order to complete the task Lanwabang original, but the human spirit always not focus. Another part is dedicated to solving the problem of the arrival of the air max 90 black price The ship represents a cultural community that can carry out interstellar space navigation. Five thousand years ago, the explosion must have been all traces of life in the current nebula are blown up. So the alien on the black ship can only come from another solar system. They are likely to come here, like the spacecraft of the earth, purely for scientific research, because there is nothing to be mined in the nebula.

Then, they are at least close to the level of human civilization, that is, the development of art and the production of human beings need friendly trade goods. However, they must realize that human existence and civilization are a potential threat to their race. The two race can be friendly, can also become enemies feel irreconcilable hatred. Each side, even if it is not, is in fact a great threat to the other. The only safe way to deal with this threat is to wipe out the other.In the star nebula, the problem is serious and urgent. The future relationship between the two races is to be solved here. If the process of friendship can be established, one can survive without destruction, and both will benefit. However, friendship and trust must be established, and there is no risk of betrayal. Trust must be based on a belief that is absolutely not believed. If the other party is likely to harm their own race, then neither side is afraid to return to their own base on the planet, nor dare to take the risk of trusting others. For both sides, the only security is to wipe out the other party or be eliminated.However, even in the battle, what needs to be done is not just to wipe out the other. If an alien has an interstellar vehicle, it must have an atomic power and a speeding vehicle that travels faster than the speed of light. If they have a radio locator, the screen, etc., of course, there must be a lot of other equipment. What weapons do they have? To what extent does their culture develop? What are their resources? Will trade and friendship develop? Or is it that the two species are so different that they can only fight? If peace is possible, then how to start?People Lanwabang spacecraft on the facts material, alien spaceship crew also need some of this stuff. They have to collect all the information they can get. In the event of war, the most important thing will be the location of another civilization. This information may be a determining factor in the interstellar war, and of course other situations are of great air max 90 black price Sadly, there is nothing that could lead to peace. No one will believe the credibility and good wishes of the other party, and the people used to play their own survival and.

So there was a strange truce between the two ships. Alien spacecraft and Lanwabang number were observed in. The tiny machine is floating in the bright space. The number of foreign Lanwabang scanner alignment spacecraft screen, and also to the foreign ship scanner Lanwabang number screen.Communications began.Things are going very fast.Tommy Dorret is one of the first to make progress reports. He has finished his special mission and is now being assigned to communicate with foreign ships. He went into the captain's room to report the success with the only psychologist in the air max 90 black price The captain's room was as silent as ever, with a dark red light, and the bulkhead and the top of the cabin were huge, bright screens.

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