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"Letting them stay where they die is a moral lesson for us. A few of them have gone, but they are dead too. Who can doubt it? The same is true of homeless people in our own time. The surface of the earth can no longer sustain life.""Yes, indeed.""Fern and a little bit of grass can survive, but all the higher types are extinct. Did the airship spy on them?"Did the speaker talk about them?"nike air max 90 black red white "Then why are you so stubborn?"

Because I saw them." He said suddenly."What did you see?""Because in the evening I saw her because I cry, she came to help me, because she is the insects entangled, but she was lucky, one of them being pierced the throat."He's crazy. Wasit left and, after all the troubles that followed, she never saw his face air max 90 black red white Three homeless people

In the years after the fall out of the shackles, the big machine had two important improvements. On the surface, these two improvements are revolutionary, but no matter what kind of improvement, people's minds are prepared in advance, and they really mean that there are some potential tendencies.The first is to abolish the respiratory protection device.Some advanced thinkers such as Wasit have always insisted that it is foolish to go sightseeing on the earth's surface. The airship may be necessary, but it is only for curiosity to go out, sitting on a ground motorcycle, climb one or two miles, what is the advantage? This habit is vulgar, or a little inappropriate: it is not a matter of this idea, but also with some of the really important habits. Thus, respiratory protection will be, of course, motorcycle seat ground with respiratory protection together abolished, with the exception of a few speakers complain, they were forbidden to talk about their dissatisfaction with the theme, this improvement has been quietly accepted. The people who still want to know what the earth is like, and finally have to listen to the phonograph, or watch a movie. In spite of the fact that some of the speakers, however, had found that the speech of the sea, which was composed of other speeches based on the same subject."To guard against those first thoughts!" One of the most advanced characters says, "the first thought is not real. They are merely the impressions of love and fear to the flesh, and who can set up a philosophy on the basis of such vulgarity? Let your thoughts become second hand, and if possible, let them be the tenth hand, for the mind is far removed from the disturbing effect of direct observation. I don't go to learn about the theme of the French Revolution: any ideas, and as long as I want to learn to Youlisen chamon ein to account for to o to fan Qi Ji Buxing to Ravkadio Hels to think about Mirab Carlyle, Dahua said what life in france. By the dozen great thinkers as media, blood and sprinkled in Palace of Versailles in Paris who broke the window will be refined as a thought, this in your daily life, you can use the most advantageous, however, to be clear, the middle of a lot of people, but also each are not identical, because the history of there is an authoritative authority against another case. Youlisen must oppose what Yong chamon and ein skepticism, I must oppose GUCCI's radical. You are in a better position than I am to judge the question of the French revolution. Your offspring even better than you in a more favorable position, because they will be learning you want how I think, then there is another man in the middle of the chain to add in, at the appropriate time, his opinion will rise: "there will always be beyond the fact, a generation beyond the impression to come, it is absolutely a generation without color, is...... A generation of happiness, like an angel, no personality blemish, this generation will see the French Revolution and not as it happens, they are not as they would it happen, but as it may happen that occurred in the time of machines -- would assume it."nike air max 90 black red white As the speech was greeted with applause, it is really just a have a sense in people's mind, this is the sense: the fact that must not ignore the ban, respiratory protection is a sure victory. Some people even suggested that the airship should also be banned. This is impossible, because the airship has made itself more or less incorporated into the system of large machines, but year after year they will be less used, and the minds of people will be less mention of them.

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