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Perhaps the moment comes, the sun no longer stop Kanaga Deva hill. Perhaps, God did not bring back to the beginning of the year.Perhaps, we can no longer see things with the eye, there will not be a moment. We can only see things with all eyes. In addition to real life, the other can not see.What a terrible idea! I have some suffocation, eyes closed, clutching Tazu bony hand. Until God set, determined to brave to face everything, I just let go.In that year, the king of the Idiot's testicles have matured, they want to rape women. By a young virgin, he still not repent, insatiable, God castrated him. Since then, he has been restored to the former quiet, his face is a little more depression and loneliness. Once, I saw Tazu and hand in hand, he also learned we both look like catch KIA Jie hand stood beside him, his mouth shouted: "I am god! God!" Smile with pride. Who knows Yajie has been nine years old, sensible, broke his hand, said: "you won't be God, nor may be god. You're an idiot, you don't know anything!" The old woman was Abraham angrily severely reprimanded a asiajee. Unexpectedly, Yajie did not cry, but cry a idiot. Her eyes were air max 90 black white red The sun during the day and night to return to the south, northwards, behind Yinshan AI mountain, and the past is to jump the dance of male emperor reincarnation and no-fuss. Male emperor to Tazu died that day, and I went to see him, accept the blessing. The house was filled with the smell of sweet, dry herbs. Male Dili skinny, lying there. We knelt in the luxurious leather with a big brass bed beside the forehead touching the thumb salute. God put his hand up and mother on my head, and put it in the Tazu head, read aloud the words of blessing.

God the father did not make a sound, and then whispered: "ze! Ze!"But it is not in me, but in that book. Our name are called ze. Before his death, his mouth kept shouting sister and wife is our mother's name.The third night, I woke up and heard the dull drums from the temple, and temple and the Holy City Plaza also sounded distant drums, farther afield. The people in the remote countryside heard the drums under the stars, and then sounded their own drums.Drums on the top of the hill, floating in the mountains, across the mountains to the West Sea, across the field to the east. The drum from the holy city to all directions, spread to every corner. Even in the wilderness, the drums are still air max 90 black white red I think, in the evening, brother Austria misty in the mountains on the North barracks must hear drums baosang.

"Why do you want to keep track of you and me?""I have told you, don't you?"Hodges walked out of the Bay, fly into a rage, only to hear the Dashas joyful songs linger in the ear.For three days he had hardly slept a good sleep, and he went back to his living room and slept in the bed for the next ten air max 90 black white red When he woke up, feeling hungry, he took a shower, dressed, and went to the radial Tamas restaurant.

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