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I was so tired that night, so I had to look at myself. When I give myself feeling when I was shocked. The sound of the pulse is not without it? I hurriedly put the stethoscope on the heart, know this, there has been no sound of a quiet. I was flat on the ground -- what is happening. Even I forget my own death, but I'm working hard! I tried to make imperceptibly stopped heart revive, refreshed, stood up, hit a shot in the arm, engage in their own artificial respiration...... How to think if a stimulation will do so, according to the telegraph, turn on the switch, only two legs, plop jumped up and all failed.In this world, not only the wooden village and I, perhaps you are my colleagues, you find yourself dead like bees to work diligently!Let's take care of each other. In order to forget the death and survive, the top or use every Tuesday Day holiday play, or at home playing marbles, drink. In short, the Japanese are too busy"Rejuvenescent large detached travel" Author: [America] Keith Reednike air max 90 leather womens Pan Xunian translation

The story of Danny and his frail wives envy the rich people to carry out large detached travel, enjoy the beauty of youth. Later, they finally managed to take part in the trip. There are six year old children, severe childhood sweetheart life. That time, we are back, but Danny braved the risk of starvation refused to go back, his wife also decided to stay together to maintain life.The story is interesting to read and put forward the exploration of life.You can feel it, you can feelDan Radford and his friends couldn't get any money for the trip. They were always sitting around the tree in the park at St. Peter's, Florida, and when the others had gone, they talked about it all day. Specifically, they do not want those tourists rich misfortune, just because some people have the money to do such a stupid thing, while others have to try to rely on social relief and the children there to send a little small remittance to maintain life. Because of this, a few people saw God chosen daily into the big detached tourism company pavilions, back then did, which makes them feel air max 90 leather womens "Damn fool," said Dan in a fit of rage. "You should always think that once they get to where they want to go, they should have the sincerity to stay there."

His wife may always try to make him calm, said: "perhaps the reason they have not in there.""Yes, what?" Dan tightly pursed his lips, because the new inlaid teeth and mouth feel annoyed. "I want to tell you one thing, if I had the chance to go west, to participate in the tour, they put the whistle broke down I will not come back."They gathered in the morning every day, sitting in a semicircle stool, looking at the large detachment of red and yellow and green neon signs flashing. They have to know about each other, they sat there in this group: Redford couple, eye wear sunglasses wearing a mesh shirt of Hicky Washburn, Maggie Tim and Paci ONeil (a eighty-two, a eighty, no matter go hand in hand, or) famous dandy, wearing black glasses clever by prostitutes to feed the prodigal son etam. They lived in a hostel near the mirror lake, and in a small, cheap hotel. In the early morning light, they came here to say hello, and sat down on the bench, as usual. Sometimes a more than and 70 year old Etam women dress neat and tidy, but other people are tolerant of her appearance. No matter who she is, she can't last much longer. Occasionally an unknown outsider innocently to take their seats, they would deliberately cough in protest, they like wow wow la la with morning, days cough up, which makes people will not make the same mistake.It is important to the first tourists came before to get there, so they can put their visitors to enter the pavilions at points, and when they come back in the evening, but also accurately put their point clearly. They try to look up at every visitor. When the tourists come out, they want to see what changes have taken place in these air max 90 leather womens This old man owned a lunch bag, put online or with brown paper bag, but generally speaking, they will slowly chew up from nine o'clock, this completely due to nerve excitement, at ten o'clock, when the top of the pavilion flash signal, their effects on a depressed mood, usually have lunch finished, only the bread crumbs and sandwich paper with their coats, they have nothing to do, put them off, waiting for the two PM concert, the concert will be canceled if it rains.

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