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Rosa was almost ready to cry when she faced the rude scene she didn't understand at all.Giulio sat down slowly at the table. I'm holding Rosa's arm. She's shaking.I said to her, "don't be afraid, they can't take him."Major general gave me a quick look and immediately turned his eyes to the little air max 90 men Giulio tried and tried, and he drew a few symbols on the book in front of him, but I felt something stuck.

He opened his eyes wide, his hands held up his head and said, "Oh, my god! My brain is dead, I forget everything!"He forgot everything!The white face of major general was turned white, but he said gently, "calm down, young man. I am not willing to frighten you, please calm down, and then recall memories. You can't forget that you have a good memory...... Write simple, such as four times the three."Gomes raised his head, looked at the major, and finally said, "No."." His voice was hoarse and broken, "I can't do it. I can't think of math any more. Since i......" His eyes fell softly on Rosa, and her face was flushed with a smile, and her head was air max 90 men "Yes, it's true," he repeated. "From then on, I'll never do it again. I used to have a lot of equations in my mind, but now it's over."

"Oh, my god!" Major general sighs. "How could this happen?" He hurried to the telephone.It was obvious that he had learned that such a thing could happen.Giulio went back to the Spanish - speaking Harlem, and used his savings to buy part of the shares of the restaurant.As for me, I will go back to my office, with my savings to buy a air max 90 men Mike Don Arnaul did not fully understand the truth of the matter. Thanks to this, my editor could threaten the major without any threat, but he was not allowed to release the news.

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