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After another undersea adventure, he finally joined the super large "hunting" of the shooting, the requirements of him in a certain time and a certain fan and get rid of to kill a bunch of really bandits, he began a hell of life now!The train suddenly stopped, Jerry ray immediately awake. He flew off the surface of the platform is refers to 12 points, with five hours for the deadline.In Manhattan Saite he got into a taxi, tell the driver to send him to a new sailor."Go to New Zealand sailor?" The driver asked, glancing at him from the air max 90 red and white The driver opened the wireless telephone: "passengers told me to go to New Zealand sailor...... Yes, I know, New Zealand sailor."

After the departure of Regel thought: the driver is not in a frown informant? There was nothing wrong with his report to the dispatcher on a regular basis"Stop, I'm going down." Regel suddenly said.Pay the fare, he ran to a narrow country road, on both sides of a long with a few trees. He hurried forward, looking for a hiding place, a long time behind the car approaching, he did not stop, just put the hat even lower, and the bag in the TV suddenly screaming: "run!"Regel just threw himself at the roadside in the gutter. The truck fly brushed by him, a point he smashed to pieces. Then the car stopped screaming, high cab people head shouts: "he's in there! Shoot, Gary, damn it!"nike air max 90 red and white Regel had gone straight to the nearby woods. All the bullet passed over his head, hit the tree branches flying boat.

"Oh, God, they found him!" Majk Teri in the TV blurted out: "I'm worried about Regel. Regel, watch out! The killers are with you, this is a close call time, and 4.5 hour, remember!"Thompson: "Gary Kloth is issue orders left and right! We stopped him in this direction!""We Duoniliya recognized: no telepathy, love is a kind of disease of god. So, take you to a mental hospital...... All right, I'll talk to the dean."On the second day, Alicia took her to the old Dean's office early in the morning. The old Dean sent a huge map of the galaxy to recognize the location and boundaries of the Galactic air max 90 red and white Paul lay down and looked at the strange picture. Most of the stars and galaxies pictured above, he has never seen. But he finally found the part of the planet he was familiar with, both excited and proud to refer to the territory of the Federation of the president of the galaxy to see. The old Dean and Alicia's face was full of surprise and disbelief.

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