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I know this is just the result of natural selection. Can spread the virus to find the vector, did not spread to find. But this is also a coincidence, and even seems to contain some purpose......The flu let us sneeze, let us cholera diarrhea, smallpox let us abscessed. There is a good way out of the ship, is to further conquer. Maybe there was a virus that made our lips bigger, and we had the urge to kiss. Who knows, hey, this is perhaps the example ness theory.The automatic back to the ship, the door is tightly shut.Freeman was lying in a spaceship, air max 90 red mens Harris Ande sleep with the help of spacecraft driving off. The ship rose vertically at its unusual speed.

Suddenly, they heard a violent explosion. The ship shook, almost out of control.Freeman sat on the ground, watching the innocent and pure Nadia beside him.He raised his hand and stroked Nadia's cheek clumsily, with a smile on his face. "Thank you, Nadia."He felt that her body was shaking when his fingers touched her face. But she did not say a word, just staring at him with nervous and eager air max 90 red mens All of a sudden, two young people were driven by a kind of unspeakable passion and hugged tightly. Their lips kiss for a long, long time.

When they parted, Nadia whispered, "Freeman......""Needless to say, my dear."At this moment, a burst of laughter came to their ears. Nadia suddenly sat up, two cheeks crimson."Freeman, that's enough." Harris joked in the cockpit. "Hey, now is not love, come and help me."nike air max 90 red mens Freeman stood up slowly from the ground, and Nadiji long exchanged eyes, then walked towards Harris's cabin. At this time, he found that Mihail's eyes are always watching him.

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