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Jin Tian a neck four, Laurie is holding a smoking garek, said: "your time is." Then he began to feel that his eyelids were heavy, confused and confused, and it was hard to think clearly. His last conscious act was to twist his body and kick to the side of Bullock's head.Kin Two opened his eyes and found himself in a clean room. He lay on the bed. The mattress was soft, and it was the first time he felt the light and ease after he stepped out of the shuttle.Jacqueline appeared at the door and asked, "how do you feel?"He patted himself and was satisfied with her. Bullet holes disappeared. No signs of injury. And let him worry about numbness is gone. He asked, "where are we?"nike air max 90 red suede She came up to him and looked very strange: a sweet voice, brown skin and everything she had ever dreamed of. Eye bags under the eyes disappeared, wrinkles on the skin also disappeared without trace. She may be back at the age of twenty.

"We're in the rocks." She said.Jacqueline stroked the health of two temples, he immediately felt the knowledge into her brain along her fingertips. She showed him a lot of nano material mending systems in the gully. She showed him how, at the moment of his fall, they began to operate, how to stop the pain of his wounds, and how to save his life. Then, when he found that he was seriously injured, she showed him that they were uploading his consciousness to the main processor of the reef for security reasons."It's all virtual?" Even though he himself, the problem sounds a little weak.Jacqueline smiled and went to the wall opposite the bed and said, "would you like to see what's going on outside?"nike air max 90 red suede Bullock is still alive. Stand on the ground. Laurie and shot him, but if in the next few minutes, he can fill his protective clothing and get treatment, he can still live. Next to him, Kin Two was lying in the mud. The mechanical tendrils are pushing his ears, nose, mouth and eyes.

Laurie has climbed out of ditch, watched with uncertain expression between waiting Jacqueline and skimmer."Go!" Jacqueline command."Do you think she can escape?" Kin Two questions.A virtual image of the inside of the reef, said, "she will be at the edge of the blast radius, but if she doesn't focus on the mirror, she should be fine."nike air max 90 red suede Both of them were standing in the center of the clean room, with a full 360 degree view of the wall.

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