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"Nonsense!" She snorted. "It's not the way the human mind works. We often do something that we don't know why, we need an excuse, so we have to make our behavior reasonable! If there is no obvious reason to invent a good reason, it's best to make us feel good about ourselves. Self is a powerful factor, friend."Oh, I know. Don't display slight skill before an expert."Altruism," I cried, "they find themselves rushing to the blood bank. So they think it's because they're good people...... They are proud of it. Boast about......""You finally understand," Martinez said, "they are proud of their new generous, even just camouflage, they will extend this generosity, bring it to all aspects of life to."nike air max 90 shoes cheap I have a solemn awe and whispered: "altruism virus! God, Udinese, when we announce this......"

I closed my mouth, because I saw him suddenly frowning, immediately thought I should not say "we". Of course, I should have known that. She is certainly not willing to share the honor of the people. No, he's a bit serious about it."No, we can't do it all."I shook my head, "why not? This is a big discovery, martinez! Can your theory of symbiosis not be confirmed? The Nobel prize is right here!"I was a bit rude to mention the ultimate goal. But he doesn't seem to notice it. If she is just an average biologist, any other drivers are more than the lure of Stockholm. However not. Ah, Ness's character is born. A natural air max 90 shoes cheap It's all his fault. He and his damned virtues made me afraid of what I was going to do for the first time.

"Can't you see, Fred? If we do that, they will develop antibodies against the ALAS virus. Those carriers will be shut out by blood banks, like AIDS, syphilis, and hepatitis carriers. Those poor addicts and carriers will be incredibly cruel.""Fuck it!" I almost cried, and a few waiters came to see me. I barely whispered, "so, they're all patients, right?" They will get good care. If you want to bleed to make them comfortable, give their pet leeches!"She smiled: "smart. But this is not the only, not even my main reason, ferrer. I don't want to publish, and I don't want to. I can't let anyone stop it. It will spread widely and become epidemic. A worldwide epidemic."I stared at him, he was not only an altruistic man, but he was infected with an incurable disease lurking in his heart. He wants to save the air max 90 shoes cheap "Can't you see?" He said eagerly, with the zeal of a convert, "selfishness and greed are destroying the planet, furui! Fortunately, there are ways to nature, this symbiosis gave us the last chance, the last chance to make people better, before it is too late to learn to cooperate.

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