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Attached: don't spend money to buy lottery tickets, the task monitoring officer told me: when to return to earth, I can't reveal anything about the future of things to you through the wormhole, so lottery number estimated gone. This will make things better, right?Dearest Niels:Of course I still want to marry you. You and all the other astronauts are heroes. The media coverage of this mission is very exciting, there is no point of modesty. You are brave men and women who gave up 14 years of life for the sake of this sacred and magical quest. Yes, I understand, as you say is not true for 14 years, but that is the time on earth. The media never let facts appear in the form of a good story.Scientists have shifted their focus to the wormhole. Even if there is no planet worth exploring around the planet A, but if the other side of the wormhole can come back, this task is a great success. It is obvious that the time machine is more important, and they are eager to do something about air max 90 suede black When you come back, there will be a grand welcoming ceremony, and your name will be recorded in history. The panorama of the mission will be published. People will have to wear the engraved with the "magic feeling" on the necklace.

And I will marry you if you will marry me.Love you, ElenaYou're right, the wormhole is a good time machine, but that's not what I'm here to learn. I would have a sense of accomplishment, but I'm here to study the planet, but the planet doesn't exist, I feel like a fool.I will marry you, if you still want to marry me, but now you are willing to marry me for what? I can't think of a reason. It seems like I can marry you, the only thing I can get, or my life is air max 90 suede black I apologize to you for this bad mood, it's not your fault.

Now everybody did not believe him, then he got a personal support, this is known as the man after Dodd of achilles. Dade Achilles is very young, but we all admire his knowledge. Although he has never traveled in the outer space, science has revealed the mystery of matter. He has a clear head, calm, the opposite of Achilles'. While we do not believe that Achilles' nonsense, but in Dade Achilles he was boring, the precise formula to prove that: "this flight is possible."At that time, scientists have a considerable understanding of the fifth state of matter. They were first found on white dwarfs. These planets are very small and very dense, except for a layer of gas outside, almost entirely composed of tightly bound neutrons. Since people first flew to the nearest white dwarf - Sirius Satellite, learned to manufacture neutron -- an alloy composed entirely of neutron material, its density is one hundred and twenty thousand times that of steel, is one million times that of water.Achilles' Achilles driving the sun and Dade spacecraft assembly outer space station on the Milky Way. There, though the neutron alloy is a fifth state of super dense matter, it is easy for people to extract the neutron alloy sheet, which makes the work progress rapidly.As for the spacecraft itself, I heard that they are the best ship to date. Their powerful engine can withstand the most violent solar wind, and their amazing speed to ensure that they hit the sun. I heard Dudley Achilles is at that time the invention of gravity position finder. Because in the sun, in the chaos of the electronic layer, the radio is completely invalid, and the gravitational force is not changed, the meter to capture gravitational waves, you can use it to air max 90 suede black The date of departure. The last warning from Earth: "don't get too close to the two ships, or gravity will pull them together. But also not too far away, otherwise the solar wind will be an oversight of the spacecraft into heliocentric."

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