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If, in the process of development of human civilization, there have been some mistake, we are going back to the prehistoric form of group marriage. But this is not to say that we want to clutter but that cohabitation: we want these children to understand their parents, as a whole, we as their father and mother, not according to the blood relationship, but according to human love.We will teach them the truth, and we will not teach them where we cannot find the truth. There will be no myths, legends, promises, superstitions, assumptions, and religions. We will teach them the spirit of love and cooperation that will give them full love and security, which will teach them the knowledge of mankind.In the first 9 years, we will be in strict control of the environment, for them to write textbooks, draw out the history and facts they need. Only then will we be able to make these children begin to relate to the world today.Does that sound too simple or too presumptuous? That's all we can do, Harry, and I think Professor Gold Baum is well understood. We do these things for our children more than we've ever done air max collection I wish you two lucky. From your letter, you seem to be changing, Harry - we feel there is a wonderful change between us. When I write down what we do, it seems so clear that we can't see the meaning of it. We are only collecting a group of highly talented children, imparting knowledge and love to them.

Is it enough to break through the parts of the human being that has not been used or known? All right, we'll figure it out. Get us the children, Harry. We'll figure it out.February 11, 1946Delivered via WashingtonIn early spring of 1965, Harry Felton arrived in washington. Felton just arrived 50, tall, handsome face, slightly thin, gray hair. As the chairman of the board of the company - the largest U.S. Waterway Bureau of import and export of one of the institutions, he certainly won eggerton respect and respect, Egerton was the then Secretary of defense. In any case, Egerton is not others can fool the people, he did not mistakenly tried to scare air max collection On the contrary, he happily greeted him, in the absence of the presence of others, both of them in a small room of the White House and sat down, mutual toast each other, all over the country to chat.

"No, no, Sharon, please be realistic! The Fred Tepes, called Dracula or the devil, not a vampire. He is just a bloodthirsty, extremely cruel warlord. It is said that he is a devil, not a bat, as a hobby. And he is seeking power and profit, not an appetite."I'm shaking. "So, we are looking for who in snagov?""Not 'who', Sharon, but 'what'. I need the file in the snagov monastery of the old files. Fred Tepes used these files."I was waiting for him to make a further explanation, but she just kept banging on the air max collection "Oh, Betty, I really need to use a computer to me tonight," I hesitated and said: "I have a lot of accounts also remember, and......"

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