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In this article, she tells the story of the stone wall, which was carved out of the brave despair of a very human like creature. Perhaps, many readers will be sympathetic to the alien colonists who were killed millions of years ago. However, without their destruction, humans may never appear. Even if the colonists were environmentalists in the world they chose, the evolution of the earth would have changed since the colonial success. Of course, humans will not evolve.A simple conclusion from the archaeological age survey.Obviously, the mother and her copy of the detector is dead at that time the earth mass extinctions -- a huge debris falling from the detector on the impact of the planet to earth bring a catastrophe.All of these magnificent creatures were killed as innocent bystanders in the war of the great machine...... This is a great opportunity for the earth's air max full white The carvings on the walls occupy her consciousness - a description of the violence and chaos of the planet. Ursula dimmed the lights in the control room and looked up at the stars.

She found herself wondering how the war was going on in the outside world.We are like ants, she thought, building our little castle in the fury of the giant. And, like ants, we spend our lives without knowing the war on our heads.The description on the stone wall is almost every kind of interstellar detector that can be thought of...... There are some that Ursula may never fully understand.These are Berserker, for example - a variant of the twentieth Century science fiction. Thankfully, there are very few world destroyers from the wall charts. And they seem to be police detectors. They hunt Berserker wherever they air max full white "Look at the fool again?" The bandit grinning with a pistol aimed at Regel. But there was an explosion in the toilet, and the gun went off. He had just called a dirty word, and there were several explosions in the room.

Majk Teri's voice was filled with a passionate voice from Regel's pocket. "It's great."! Run, Jim, take the chance to save yourself!"In accordance with the prescribed, Regel can have a chance to cast a smokescreen to pinch, this time he finally left to the "gold on the inside, he was able to escape from death in a great catastrophe: across the courtyard and into the street.He bent the body, looks not so high. Because of his hunger, fatigue and excessive tension on sixty-third Street feeble staggered walk."Hey, you!"nike air max full white Regel turned around. A sitting on the doorstep of the women frown staring at him.

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