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Editor's note:It is not until we are born in rags that we know that there is a future...... Who does not want the future is like this, we hope that through efforts to change the future.No movement no movement no movementOn a Tuesday in early March, the door opened. There are only a few at first, flicker, because they have reached the maximum transfer time range. In the early days of the great escape, those who came out of the portal were starving and healthy. The science and technology experts who invented or stole the space and time portal technology made escape a reality. At the beginning of the week, about more than and 100 people came, we isolated them in a relatively comfortable environment, and to the outside world. The camera records everything that can be recorded, and our elites are frantically recording, holding seminars and video conference calls to debate the meaning of the air max grey leather Now think of it, that time is really a good old time.

In April, the floodgates were opened. The portal is everywhere, a flood of fear, pouring out his shabby in dress foot refugees, there are millions of people, from old to young children, all kinds of people Goods are available in all varieties. They've all gone through a terrible thing. What they say is enough to make anyone feel sick. We do our best to help them, we set up camps, distribute soup, build toilets, etc.. This is a huge financial burden for the government. But what? These refugees are our future generations, our children and grandchildren.From spring to summer, the number of refugees has been growing. With the global total of ten million refugees, the government began to fear -- they are scared of the endless wave of refugees will continue, the global population doubled three times, and ultimately more than quadruple, maximum number of people the earth can afford. If the number of refugees continues to grow, what should we do? The limited load of the earth, it is impossible to receive refugees unlimited. In August, all the doors were gone. Who in the future has closed all the doors.Who do not dare to think, those who have not been able to escape the end of what will be."Another story of the refugee camp." Shriver came in, he called the material atrocity story. He threw the papers on the table and bent close to air max grey leather I glared at him and let him back.

"Is there anything of value?" I ask."What can ah. But that's not what I'm saying, right? You have to read every single word or phrase every report, also is for you to write the report told the committee that it has no value.""That's exactly what it is." I scanned the files into the PDA and threw the paper into the wastebasket." One of the first things that come along with the future of refugees is that we have better, safer equipment.I put my hands behind my back, leaning against the chair. The smell of the canvas in the air, and sometimes even the whole universe is filled with air max grey leather "How is your work there?" I asked.

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