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The city is located on the great channel of locusts moving eastward. In the past is the sand and grassland, and then go to Fergana basin is the flowers bloom in the garden area.The extraordinary committee to fight the unexpected natural disaster worked day and night. The locust must be destroyed in the city, and it shall not be further developed. But how can we do this?Usually the way by powder spraying locust, not here. You can't poison the whole town. It is no use to kill the locusts as well as the asphalt pavement. In the night, when the locusts did not move, the people put the locusts in the basket under the searchlight and carried them out of the city. All the organizations were mobilized to put into the work, dozens of trucks parked in the street, waiting for a basket full of locusts.But it doesn't help. Many locusts hid at night, and the sun came out and went to the air max ltd 2 It was getting dark, and the sound of the grasshopper was resting. In the city of Beijiao, the truck can scarcely wait to work with. Like last night, catching the motionless locusts.

The professor wouldn't let me go to the hotel and take me to his house. I came to my new acquaintance, the author of the work of the hard winged insect, the house of the fascinating scientist, the charming man.The telephone is ringing. China Lade juf neck with a napkin, walked to the front of the phone, said: "I picked up the headset...... Yes, yes, China Lade juf...... What? With vulcanized gas?...... How does it work? General...... I'm dying!...... But what about people? People have to be poisoned!...... What do you think? Catch the grasshopper and put it on the shed, smoke...... How to catch? Not know."He put down his headphones and complained, "they said to me, 'you're an expert, you know everything. How do you kill the locusts and save the gardens and vineyards? But I don't know. I can't give you any advice."The phone rings air max ltd 2 Can a locust burn? Why can't you burn it? Put the gas around it...... Can you burn it? Catch it and burn it...... Burn in the street? How to do that! The city is burning. The locust will be drilled into every crevice......."

"Now you have to go in!" Benjamin cried. He's in high spirits, I can hear him. I began to wonder if they had known the place before I came, maybe I wasn't the first person they brought.But I didn't move."You go in," I said. "I've knocked the door. I did what you said. It's time for you to go in. I bet you don't go in. You all dare not."I'm not going in there, I'm twelve sure of that. Not only then, but forever. I have to feel what I feel something moving; hit the door while I am using the gremlin grin when the knocker distortion in my hands. I was so young that I couldn't control my feelings with air max ltd 2 They didn't say anything, they didn't move at all.

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