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"Let us go out," cried Daisy, the face is red. "Hold my hand.""You go ahead with the director, I don't need a minute - I just want to look at the screen again."He poked her in the ribs and let her know he wouldn't stay long. As soon as they were out of the door, he tried to push a door on the hood. It is part of the glass wall, not easy to detect from the dim light, but it is easy to open."I'll be able to know, he said to us whether it is nonsense." Dustin said to himself. He will try his hand at anything, or he will not believe it. And he's in the air max premium white The naked director has become a prototype for Smith Polk. Cowering in the side, it turned to the ground, curious to Dustin, quietly gasping for breath.

"Well, big boy, let me take a closer look at you now." Dustin said in a soft voice, and then stretched out a hand. But at once he was surprised by his own indiscretion He stopped. They look at each other in a distance of four or five meters."It's not a good light," said Dustin apologetically. "Shall we come closer and see your trick?"The guy seems to understand the words of Dustin, at an alarming rate long ginger beard and arm, it became Polk Smith, the one eyed stare at Dustin."This is the devil in trouble." It says. Then he jumped at Dustin with the animal's fierce posture, hit him in the jaw, knocked him to the ground and ran to the open air max premium white When Dustin was unable to open his eyes, he saw an angry face staring at him.

"Oh, Mr. Miller, I'm awake! Well, that's all for your visit. Here's an automatic rocket to send you and your wife back to earth.""Pork Smith?" Dustin moaned."You asked! That unfortunate thing must be turned off. Now it's hiding in the zoo, we haven't got it yet. You're lucky not to be killed. I can tell you, your damn curiosity takes us a lot of money, you this troublemaker. Sir锛?You're a troublemaker!""You shout at me is to find Smith's pork." Dustin retorted excitedly, wiping dust on the air max premium white "My husband has been enough, director." Daisy then turned to Dustin and said, "you did a great job. Let's go."

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