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When I heard this, I was in a cold sweat, but it seemed worse than me."I think I should apologize for our actions." Last major general. This sentence he was a tremendous effort to speak, as if every word cut in his throat. Please forgive me. As I said just now, I apologize for this first important matter. Gentlemen, can you promise me not to publish it?""There is a condition," the editor said, "I want to have the exclusive rights of the published gomes. Mr. Wilczek will help you with this. Therefore, you do not open the green light, we will never say a word, all the reports were first to send you a.""That's settled then." Major general answered air max shoes online All of a sudden, I felt like it was the editor.

On the way to New York, major general told me earnestly. He is necessary, like a person in a shady scandal to finish it, fling caution to the winds. "At three this morning, I got a call from the chairman of the atomic energy commission. And he himself was awakened by Professor Monroe of the science advisory committee. Professor Monroe works late at night. Before he went to bed, he sent a newspaper on Sunday. When he read the letter Gomes, he jumped down from the bed. Mr. Wilczek, he felt that his work was closely related to what Gomes called the neutron absorption spectrum. And...... This is again...... A top secret thing. I think the Gomes is in when a door or similar to what job, steal this secret, he turned out to lie instinct, to say that it is his own invention."I scratched my cheek and said, "major general, please don't pull the ox to be a horse. How could this formula be the highest atomic secret?"He hesitated for a moment and said, "I can only tell you that it has something to do with some reactors.""It was said in the letter! Do you mean that Gomes not only stole the equation, but also understood the secret?"nike air max shoes online "Some people show an incredible oversight." Major general said coldly. "For the Russians, if the cabizza can take a look at these equations assuming they are correct, then this is equivalent to many divisions!"

[1 cabizza (Piotr Leoridovich): Soviet physicist, born in 1894, the main founder of the Soviet atomic bomb. ]His conversation caused me to ponder. At this point, our plane is flying over New Jersey."Sir, we'll be there in five minutes. We first landed in Newark." The pilot told us."Good." Major general said. "Call a civilian car to pick us up."nike air max shoes online "Civilian car?" I repeat.

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