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She reached for the bag and pulled out a pen, the pen cap, found all the plastics melt. She looked at Ricci and said nothing.Ryan received a telegram informing him that he stopped writing, the laptop was connected to the plastic plate, and the plastic plate touched the wall. He gave the telegram to the captain, but the captain paid only one of them, and said, "where do you eat plastic organisms? I don't believe it! Where is the box? I want to see."The captain walked to the engine room. The molten plastic is dripping from the wall next to the dish.Office of the Secretary to the minister, Quist and Symonds pointed out that the risk of the fourteenth living creatures, to discourage the trials will be conducted in Deng Geness, and asked the minister ordered Wren plane landed at the Royal airport, aircraft crash to avoid happening air max turbulence But not only did not pay attention to the minister, but also to remove the station of his doom observation station.

With a furious rage to the door. Meet Ricci in hand, holding miss Welsh's pen."What's going on?" The minister asked."It was this pen that brought the number fourteenth to the plane, causing the crash." Ricci answers.Symonds took the first step and picked up the air max turbulence "Is this a creature of number fourteenth?"

Symonds said slowly. But where did you get it?"Ricci said Miss Welsh's cousin's letter with her pen.The telephone is ringing. The minister picked up the receiver, and then said to him, "it's your phone!"The phone is from the secretary. The airport called to say that the number fourteenth was eating the plastic on the air max turbulence The minister was stunned.

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