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"It's not necessary," said Alison. "I'm a robot, I don't deny it.""Even so --" said Roderick."I don't quite understand, Mr. Li Fukang," said the judge. "If there is doubt, that's what it takes. But Mrs. Li Fukang doesn't deny that she is a robot.""I want to know."nike air max white black "Do you think there is any doubt?"

"I hope so."There was a stir in the courtroom."If you think about it, it's a very natural thing." When the court heard his voice, Roderick said. "I asked for a divorce, because Allyson is a robot, not a child, if we made a mistake, or she is joking with me, or what else, I do not want to divorce. I need Allyson is my wife, she is, isn't that easy to understand?""Well," Allyson said calmly. "It takes a while to examine the fingerprints, and we can do second tests now. What do you do, judge? Do you want me to take off my clothes?"nike air max white black "Oh, yeah!"

Five minutes later, the judge, jury, and Roderick checked the mark in the jury room.Alison was calm and harmless when he showed them the mark.There is no doubt that the robots are clearly marked.Roderick is the last check. After the examination, his eyes met with Alison, she barely hold back the tears; because his face is not proud, not angry, but air max white black Back in court, Roderick said he gave up the need to test the fingerprints.

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