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"Hey, you go out and see!"Our huts are built on the ice. We walked out of the hut. A few metres away from the hut, a square concrete house with the final weapon, surrounded by the iceberg that stands for itself. We went outside to look, the north side of the iceberg has disappeared. Where do not know when the sea has become."That side of the iceberg is gone" I cried in surprise, "what the hell is going on here?""At the foot of the iceberg, we are drifting towards the south."nike blazers size 7 I looked around and asked, "what's behind the iceberg?"

"I've just climbed up, or the sea." Elijah said, "in the cabin as the center about one kilometer away all the sea.""If you go to the south, the iceberg will melt sooner or later!" I have some confusion, "we will be drowned!""No! There are worse things from his pocket, "Elijah" the ultimate weapon "the note read countless times, has broken the manual, said," thirty-sixth, the ultimate weapon touched the water will start."The so-called start is the blazers size 7 "An accident, immediately to headquarters for help ah!"

We hurried back to the hut, and the radio telephone to headquarters was in the shack.We can't stop when we run to the shed. A giant male polar bear with his paws kept scratching his hut door."White bear!""It's drifting with us, too!"nike blazers size 7 "It looks like I'm going to the hut."

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