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"That's great. Frankly speaking, when I received the news that Saturn was going to be attacked by other planets, I could not believe the telegraph in my hand."The general, general Tupud, told the whole story in detail. Tupude listened with astonishment and sometimes furious.After Gore de Ricci finished, the ability to slow to react Tupou: "I'm not believe, Gore de Ricci." He said in a low voice. "This requires conclusive evidence!""I'm sure your ship will find evidence on the four star guard. In any case, the fact that we have been attacked is enough to prove that all the people who escaped from the Olympic Games are true. Don't you believe it?"nike com air max Tupude stroked under the collar, thinking said: "maybe so, Gore de Ricci."

After a few moments of silence, the general said, "we are going to face a serious problem, Tupud.""What's the problem?""In any case, can not stand in front of the celestial Administration Committee of six committed towering crimes. Since ancient times, only that Hitler so brutally slaughtered jews!"General Tupude silent meditation. Then, he raised a question that caused the great unrest: "can we ensure that the supreme command of the space agency is not involved in this matter? Gore de Ricci."nike com air max Fourteenth chapter

The evidence of Jupiter 's spacecraft on a four - star. It does not have the capacity to prove the authenticity of the material provided by the group of people who escaped from the guardian.The scandal shook the earth. Vehemently condemn a commission of public opinion, from all sides came from the requirement of tough roar.During the riots, the board of directors had to temporarily exercise executive power during the trial of members of the M committee.The whole trial lasted three months before it was com air max In order to avoid misjudged cases, six of the most high of the M in the most prestigious civil defense lawyer was sentenced to death.

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