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Now, she has been pregnant for seven months, and looks like a Russian doll in a big dress, with a plump breast.Lenan remember: "emotional disorders often occur during pregnancy." He bent, from Mona's belly, kissed her, do not bear grudges."You may be tired. Sit down. I'll get you a cup of coffee."But, until now, Mona has never had a problem with nerves, and never vomited in the morning. No matter what happens, those monographs about laughter?nike com roshe run After dinner, he was listless and corrected seventeen homework. Then he got up and went to look for a book about babies. There were four copies of the pocket edition, with a baby's smiling face on the front cover, and a few pages folded in the book, but he couldn't find the one he wanted.

He looked at the shelf behind and beside the rattan table."Hell! And where is a book about babies?""I got it."Lenan approached her, looking over her shoulder, she is carefully looked at a picture of the profile of the fetus in pregnant women: fetal head down, lying, like in com roshe run She said, "he is the model. Mother." The illustration shows a growing fetus.

"Why do you call your mother?" Be startled at the Lenan."You don't say." She answered casually.He and other ammonia but he didn't look up or open book. After a while, he went back to his work, but at the same time to observe her.She finally turned to the last page, read a few paragraphs, and put the book down. She lit a cigarette, but she immediately put it out. She com roshe run True line!" Renan said, expressed admiration.

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