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"It's natural!" The captain said angrily, "but the real thing is to figure out how to protect it."! It would be unwise to bet on the future of our race on the war stakes. All two of us must know each other. This is the right thing to do. But the party should have proof that the other side does not want to fight, but hope to get along. We should not go looking for each other, but can communicate with each other, lay the foundation of mutual trust. If both of us are going to be stupid, let them do it! However, we should give them a chance to make friends, not to fear each other, launched a cosmic war!""The difficulty lies in the current trust," he said in a brief statement. Because of the danger of his race, he can't risk giving up. And you wouldn't do that.""But my race," the captain said in a low voice, looking at watching alien spacecraft captain, "my race now occupy advantage. We came here in a nuclear space suit! We have modified the power system before we came! We could blow up ten pounds of explosive fuel inside the ship, or we could ship them remotely. It would be strange if your fuel depot exploded with us! In other words, if you do not accept a normal, to solve the embarrassing situation to put me, and I will make a nuclear explosion dougherty. Your ship will be destroyed if it doesn't explode. Lanwabang spacecraft after the explosion a few seconds will use it all weapons to attack!"There was a strange scene in the captain's cabin. The dark red light shone through the room, and some strange, bald, alien breathing, looking at the captain, waited for the long silence to translate into a silent free 3.0 v3 Suddenly, the atmosphere was tense. There was a strong, tense feeling. The captain of the alien ship made a gesture. The helmet speaker buzzed.

"Sir," he said, "what do you suggest?"Exchange ship!" The captain shouted, "switch the ship, and then go home! We can adjust the instrument so that they can't be tracked. You can do this on your own boat. We each destroy our own planet maps and records, including weapons. The air is suitable. We'll take your ship, you ride us. Neither side will harm or track the other party, and bring back more information than any other method! We can agree that when the double star turns around again, take the cancer nebula as the meeting place. If we want to meet you, we'll see you. If you are afraid, you can avoid! My advice is this! You must accept this proposal, otherwise Dougherty and I will fry your ship, then Lanwabang spacecraft to leave something fried up!"He angrily stare staring at him, surrounded by nervous, pudgy outsiders, waiting for his speech translation transfer them. He saw that the translation had been reached because the tense atmosphere changed. These foreigners are active and make all kinds of gestures. There is also a spasm of action, lying on the soft floor, kicking his feet. The others leaned on the bulkhead, shaking their bodies.The sound of the Tommy Dorret helmet phone has been very simple and capable. But now he heard a sound surprised and free 3.0 v3 "Sir, he said this is really a big joke, because he sent a crew of two on the boat, what you see on the road of the two outsiders, had put explosives in their space ship atom. Sir, they're going to make the same demands and threats! Of course he took our advice. Sir, your ship is worth more than his own. Also, his ship to you than Lanwabang is more valuable. Sir, it looks like a deal."

At this time, Tommy Doll to be aware of these foreign people, what is meant by the convulsive action. These actions are laughter.Things are not as simple as the captain said. It is complicated to implement this proposal. For three days, the two sides of the spacecraft, the crew are mixed together, people should learn to Lanwabang alien spacecraft on the engine operation, Lanwabang crew have various black on the ship to use control equipment. It's a big joke, but it's not a joke. There are people on earth where the black ship, and Lanwabang spacecraft are outsiders, both sides are ready to blow up a received notice of the other ship. They'll do it if they have to. Because of this, this is not the case. According to the current arrangement, it is far better to go back to their own civilization than to return to any of the other ships.However, there are some differences between the two sides. There have been some disputes over the destruction of records. In most cases, the settlement of this argument is often the destruction of records. More trouble is caused by various kinds of books Lanwabang on the ship and the foreign ship's collection, including works such as novels like the earth. However, these things are valuable for the future of friendship, because from the point of view of ordinary citizens and not from the point of view of publicity, they represent the two cultures on both sides.During these three days, the nerves were tense. Outsiders have to unload and check the earth's food on the black spacecraft to eat, and the earth will have to transfer these foreign people to go home to eat the food. From the exchange of lighting equipment to adapt to the vision of the crew to the final inspection of the equipment and so on, the specific details are numerous. The joint inspection team of the two races has confirmed that all the probes have been destroyed, not broken, that they can no longer be used to track each other or be taken away secretly. Of course, foreign people worry, don't put any useful weapons left in black on the spaceship, the earth also worry that don't put any weapons at Lanwabang spacecraft. Oddly enough, both crew members are well equipped to take stringent steps to make it impossible for any party to circumvent the free 3.0 v3 The last meeting was held before the separation of the two ships. After the meeting, the captain and Tommy returned to the Lanwabang spacecraft communications room.

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