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Brockman blinked and said, "I'm sorry, sir."." He stopped talking.Experimental mice. My friends used to keep mice in the Soviet Union. I don't know what you use them for"Somehow, Blau's face looked a little annoyed. "In fact, we don't need a lot of that.""But what can they do if they are needed?"nike free 5.0 14 "Oh, this...... That......" Brockman stammered, "but let me explain our security procedures, and you will find them very interesting. Now it's computerized, and central control can lock every door in the building."

"If you have to play this trick, it must be a trick." Beck said.Brockman did not understand the irony of the remark, so he went on to say, "Oh, yes, yes, it is. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often - unless we train, and we can master the time." They came to a door, the door opened automatically. It is controlled by a beam of light. Suddenly, out of several security personnel, as Brockman predicted that. Beck's document was checked by the computer terminal, and it was clear that the computer could recognize the signal, because the guard nodded slightly, and let it go. Later, Beck and Brockman came to a featureless corridor.To interrupt Brockman's nagging about security, Beck asked, "what the hell are you doing here, doctor?""Is it me, or the research center?"nike free 5.0 14 Research center." Beck estimated that Blau could not wait to talk about his own work, and deeply felt that the man had a lot of stupid.

I'm afraid I can't say." Brockman told Beck, and then he smiled, "for security, you know."Beck was silent, with a melancholy look on his face.Small to the director's office than he imagined, but, I was happy and pleased with oneself. Although he was not Einstein, he put on a white coat in accordance with the standards of social conduct. He was tall and his hands were wide. From the outside, Beck thought he was a lovely man."This is our director, Dr. David Edlin." Brockman introduced, smiled and left. For Beck, this one will disappear without a free 5.0 14 Nice to meet you, Mr. inspector." Aidelin speaking in a soft voice of America, from the edge of the table to go around shaking hands with Beck.

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