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"Look what you did!" The doctor was screaming, Anji's hands still like pliers like catch small black bag handle, she stood there, trembling, angry, say a word. The doctor bent over to pick up the instrument on the floor.Unreasonable girl! He bitterly thought, shouting:Between the pain in his shoulder swollen, his face down to the ground. The lights dimmed.Unreasonable girl!" He wants to roar. At last he said, "they will know that I have tried"nike free 5.0 2014 The doctor looked at Anji full face down her body, her hands stretched out from the sheath six cauterization knife - "can cut through all organizations, for cutting adhesive operation before replantation, when used for life and death and the main trunk main tube, blood vessels and nerves should be particularly cautious"

"I didn't mean to do that," Anji said, she was scared and cold, stay quassiawood chicken. Now the detective is coming, the just and stern detective in the room according to the dust reasoning reproduce crime. She will hide, but the detective will find her out, she will be sent to the court, the trial judge and jury; the lawyer will plead in court, and the jury will prove her guilty, the front page of the newspaper will publish the shocking news: "blonde murder" maybe she will be sentenced to the electric chair. Go down a simple door that at the end of the corridor, a beam of light passing through the dusty air exposure in her mink coat, gorgeous clothes for car, and she will meet and marry a handsome manThe fog of the old scenes in the film became clear, and she knew what she was going to do next.She firmly removed the incinerator box from the cover of the small black wall plate - a cube with a different dot on each side."Deal with fibrous tissue and other substances that are not needed, just click on the disc -" you throw in something, click the disk. If you are too close, you will feel a kind of silent roar, very powerful and unpleasant, as well as a flicker of light. When you open the box, there is nothing in free 5.0 2014 Anji took a burning corrosion knife and began to work ruthlessly. It was very good, not a bit of blood - she finished the terrible job in three hours.

That night she slept so much that she was completely exhausted by the emotional torment and the ensuing terror of the murder. But in the morning, as if the doctor had never been here. She ate breakfast, as usual, deliberately dressed up -- and then, will be fully released that very cautious.Nothing special, she said to herself. Before you how, now is still the same, one or two days later, you can call the police, said he went out to drink too much, you are worried. But don't worry, baby - don't rush.Mrs. Coleman is due at ten a.m.. Anji had hoped to persuade doctors to make a $five hundred deal. Now she has to do it herself, but sooner or later, she has to start.The woman came early. Anji explained in a tactful way: "today, the doctor let me massage. Now that it's been a good time for him to get a good start, he just needs someone who has been trained by his method -- "she said, glancing at the medical instrument and opening it! The fat woman looked down into her eyes and began to shrink back, and Anji could not help but curse herself for her little free 5.0 2014 "What are these?" She asked. "Are you going to use it to cut me? I've always been suspicious"

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