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He was silent."The earth is frozen...... Galactic collapse...... The stars are destroyed in the infinite darkness, right?" I enumerate one by one.He remained silent."People don't want to die," I pause, continue to say, "they simply do not want to die. They're going to live, Professor Decoto. You have to feel the earth under your feet, you have to look at the clouds above your head, to love others, to live with them and think about them. That's all., no he is. All this is a lie, a lie. I wonder if there are many people who listen to you like I do. Remain completely silent on voluntary trials."nike free 5.0 black red Dekang support stood motionless for several minutes, staring at him in front of the desk of the white bag. All of a sudden, I put it in my hand and nodded at me.

"Dekang support!" I cried.He stopped at the threshold."What do you want to do?""Nothing." He answered free 5.0 black red "Please turn around and wait for a moment...... So people won't let go......"

My husband, I do not know whether Decoto is a great scholar, he is a great rascal anyway. I don't want to paint him, but now I'm bargaining. If I realized that he cheated me, but everything from first to last he said is false, I have to do this; because I know if I let him go, according to my soul...... According to my flesh and blood of the soul, flashing this thought: no matter in a waste with all kinds of desk, or in a stuffed fluff drawer, placed a person's soul, he killed the unfortunate woman living perception. It seemed that it was not enough, and he remembered that she was afraid, and that one would suffer from a terrible misfortune, and I said, because there is nothing that is comparable to that which is critical to the permanence of loneliness. It's not enough just to say this to us. If you go home, please try and lie in a dark room. Then close your eyes and imagine in this environment persist, in absolute silence, no change, round the clock, day in and day out, the last few weeks, you can not determine after a few weeks, months, years, 100 years prior to your brain after such an operation. Want to escape also can't escape. In the gloomy bargain, which people sentenced tortured face great pain, but only put it as a matter of thought, could not help burning in my heart. Of course, it's all about the amount of money he needs to get rid of my husband, save me some money. I only say so much: I think I've been a miser all my life. If I doubt this today, then, because...... Now, there's nothing at all. In one word: no payment. That's all I had, money...... Yes. We counted the money...... Then he said, I can turn off the lights. A shredder rustle in the dark, suddenly...... In the pale white right corner, a jewel shining cotton pillow elephant faint light. When I'm not used to the dark, he sends out a light blue color, getting stronger and stronger. When I bent back, feel Dekangtuo uneven breath, ready to pick up a hammer blow......Ladies and gentlemen, I think he's telling the truth. Because when I make the effort to play, hand refuses, only things from the elliptical lens on broke off a piece of...... Nevertheless, he went out. Another piece of a certain level of a very small silent explosion - the waves of purple dust, panic, and then disappeared. At this time, the sky is completely black. In the darkness, he used a feeble, deep voice of "Mr. Dixie, don't break it, things have happened."He gave me his hand, I believed him, because I had a reliable proof, and I felt it. I don't want to say how it happened. I turn on the light, the light is very bright. We looked at each other like two criminals. He put a bundle of notes with pockets, Frence leave.From then on, I never saw him again, nor did he know that he was the inventor of the dead free 5.0 black red The "test" of Professor Demes Author: [Germany] f - G Rupert Cartagena

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