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The precision of the semi intelligent unit was searched, but did not find any energy source, there is no activity in these rotten, unfinished planetary probes. There was nothing there, except for the cold rocks and metals, and the long silence.Ursula shook his head. She doesn't like the metaphor. Gavin's "murdered child" is not helpful to anyone who sees the ruins below as a potential treasure.It didn't help her career...... The article she wrote for several months...... Her carefully constructed theory, which explains what happened long ago."We have a job to do," she said to her partner. "Let's get started."nike free 5.0 black white Gavin reverently joined two translucent hands together. "Yes, mummy. Your wish is my command." He is going to leave, go to his console, began operating their remote exploration robot.

Ursula focus to command "Thor" control panel in the secondary sense -- these small semi intelligent consciousness is responsible for the Rockets, radar and data source -- they talked and acted coldly without feeling...... As the machine should do.The greeting is right. One of those little guys seems to have been searching for something. The protesters were ready to infiltrate the tiny spaceship's original computer, where it was stored in the captain's conjecture, and all of us were listening.Her ideas are very clever for a living creature.However, she also missed a lot of the free 5.0 black white Author: Ursula, Fleming

After a few centuries of exploration, mankind has finally achieved a long dream. We found evidence of other civilizations.For the past ten years we have been eager to explore the outer planets, and have discovered more than one man from the hands of forty different civilizations...... All of these are robots...... All of these are obviously dead.What happened?Why are all these former visitors a robot?nike free 5.0 black white Back in the late twentieth Century, some scholars began to wonder whether the body would be well suited to the mission of flying out of the Milky way. But in spite of this, there is no stopping the exploration of the galaxy. Advanced intelligence can be used to transmit mechanical representation - robots are more suitable for monotonous and dangerous interstellar flight than life.

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