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They set to the time during the day, but the moment is dark, only to see the plants are some tall trees, touch the sky trunk disappeared in the world is shrouded in black clouds, their branches to stretch upward, looking for the light of life. Some of the more distant high mountains, covered with honeycomb cracks, occasionally Jielaikesi people fluttering wings flying in and out from the hole, there is the city in which they live.Six, Sixing people stood quietly, their search brings peace to save women's trail. No more will they come to Luo Sixing women thought perception, it is on this planet in a faraway place. They will relocate the space machine, blink of an eye the seven of them appeared in front of a mountain, this may be the prison where the prisoners were imprisoned. At the same time, they appeared in front of the five armed guards like crossbow weapons, Luo Sixing people have not had time to react, one person was shot down.Freon sprays quickly to the guards, and soon more guards fly out of the prison, but one by one the air is filled with freon. Elmo and the other three men were left outside to deal with the enemy's attack, and Wahl Mead and the other members went to the prison to rescue the women. Inside the scene about 10 to 15 too horrible to look at, Luo Sixing out the corpse of a woman lying on the seat spread all across in confusion in the gloomy building on the ground.They grope in the dark with one cell, each holding two to three pregnant women of different time. As Wahl Meade guessed, no woman on earth, the only woman Luo Sixing, a cell Wahl Mead crazy for the past, while calling her name, "Laura grams! Ke ke!" Suddenly in a prison with two women's cell stopped, choking and cried, "lorac!"nike free 5.0 flyknit A woman stood up and cried: "dad!"

Wahl Mead found her daughter, for a while, the keys of the cell were also found, the woman was escorted out, they walked out of the prison, the women were caught here after the first breath to the outside of the free air. One of the women came out crying in a Sixing Luo sacrifice body, that she had not seen for years in order to save her husband, died in the alien land.Val Meade command to open all the time machine, all by twos and threes sitting inside the two Luo Sixing carried fallen comrade's body into the final of a time machine, put him down gently. After a flash of light, all the space machine suddenly disappeared, and immediately returned to the luo.The women and the family laugh and cry, those pregnant women desperate to rid the body of the demon niezhong, Wahl Mead, Elmo and Lola g home together, Carle to see her daughter crying, a family of three Elmo stood aside, cry on each other's shoulder, feeling empty.Nine, a better tomorrownike free 5.0 flyknit Four until late, Lolak said she was there forced pregnancy three times, when a new life in her stomach when she is restless, as mother's joy, but see the little winged monster born, my heart is full of hate. She had never seen the earth woman, but said they heard in the Jielaikesi stars are not long to live, because of their size, and Jielaikesi than Sixing stars who are smaller, Jielaikesi star human fetal human fetus is much bigger than the earth, many of them have died during pregnancy, also survived died in childbirth. All that remains is a story about them, and the bones of the scattered prison.

Wahl Mead and Carle looked at her daughter with a good eye. I can't believe my daughter came back safe and sound. Val Meade told Elmo to LORAC, Luo Sixing, that she and her companions were free.After a while, Wahl and Elmo decided to go for a walk. Wahl Mead saw that Elmo had something on his mind. Maybe the morning air would make him feel better.They walked silently in the quiet countryside on the road for a while, Elmo said: "Wahl Mead, before I came to your planet, I am a retired scientist at home all day in the basement of busy, a fantastic idea brought me to you. I have a wife to spend my life on earth, but now I'm young and have a new future, I don't want to go back to earth to retire. I can learn many things on your planet, I want Mildred to come here, she is a part of my life, I need her and me in the future to spend on Luo Sixing. But I don't know if I can convince her to come here. I don't know what to do."They walked on in silence for a while, Val Meade said: "Elmo, you have knowledge that has been proved to be very valuable for Luo Sixing, who knows what you have on earth knowledge will give our planet much happiness? If there is Sixing Luo what problems can be solved by the earth, then I think it is difficult to integrate into the earth. I have spoken to all the elders of our planet, and come to the same conclusion: we want you to stay."nike free 5.0 flyknit They continue to quietly go on until Elmo proposed a problem plagued him for a long time, he wanted to settle down, but Sixing in Romania, "if Mildred agreed to come here, she can come from the first time I through the wormhole? If she comes, we can start our new life together on a new planet."

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