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Referred to in line and column square brackets are the symbols: "IV - Q - 3cc." But he could not find the bottle of the Rome word, and later, he found it on the hypodermic needle.He took the IV from the sleeve, it has been put on the needle, and even the needle seems to have been packed, it is really interesting! So, 3cc, whatever it is, should have a certain effect on the infection of the lymphatic system, and this, God knows, the child's infection is also of this type. What's the meaning of the following G? He studied at the top of the glass needle, needle cylinder, a rotating disc like thing, engraved with the letters, from "a" to "I", in the needle cylinder, the scale of the opposite engraved with a finger marking.The old doctor shrugged his shoulders, and he spun the disk until the "Q" just pointed at the index line, and held it up to the height of the eye. As he pushed the piston, he could not see the tiny liquid flow in the tip. For a moment, there was a black mist around the tip of the needle, and a closer look at the tip showed that the tip was not even a hole. On the oblique line of the needle tip, there is a normal oblique plane, but the cut is not an elliptical hole. He was puzzled and tried to push the piston. Something happened again around the tip of the needle, and then disappeared."Let's solve the problem." Doctors free 5.0 pink black He thrust the needle into the skin of his forearm. At first, he thought he had not picked it up -- the tip of the needle did not pierce the skin, but moved on the skin. But he saw a tiny spot, realized that in any case, he just didn't feel that a prick. No matter what it is in the needle tube, if it is as it has been shown, if it can be sprayed out of a hole without a hole, he concluded that it would not do any harm to him.

He injected himself with 3cc, then pulled out the needle, a lump in his arm - no pain at all, or a symbolic injection.Maybe it was his eyes or something else. He injected 3cc IV into the fever child.Acupuncture in mass rises, she continued to cry, but after a while, she sobs last sound, then quiet down.Well, he was so cold that he said to himself, what you have done. You killed her with free 5.0 pink black The child sat up and asked, "where is my mother?"

The doctor couldn't believe it. He grabbed her arm and touched her elbow. The infection is gone and the temperature is normal. The redness around the wound, and gradually faded, the child's pulse also increased, but not faster than normal children.In the sudden silence of the room, he could hear the sobbing of the little girl's mother from the kitchen.At this time, he heard the voice of a young girl's voice: "doctor, she is better?"He turned and saw a gaunt, gray haired, eighteen - year - old girl at the door, looking at him with an expression of free 5.0 pink black She said, "I've heard of you, doctor, so you can't get the money from the old lady. You can't cure a sick cat."

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